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Richmond Security has provided residential locksmith services for customers throughout Central Virginia for over forty years. Whether you are in need of a local locksmith in Midlothian or you need to get your locks rekeyed in Richmond, our lock professionals are ready and able to get the job done. The locksmiths at Richmond Security are local and certified so you can always feel safe and confident working with one of our professionals. We pride ourselves on being a trustworthy provider of door security products and affordable locksmith services in Richmond.

Richmond Security has an extensive inventory that allows us to unlock, repair or install any door security product you may need.

A few of our services include:

  • Local locksmith services
  • Key cutting
  • Rekeying services
  • Installation and repair of locks

Local Locksmith Services

As a long-time leading provider for security products and services in Richmond, we can ensure that an experienced, local locksmith will service you at your residence. You can feel even safer knowing that our locksmiths are available to service you 24/7 in Richmond and its surrounding areas. Especially in times of lockout emergencies, you should rely on us. We serve the entire Greater Richmond Region, which includes but is not limited to: Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, and Powhatan.

Key Cutting

Don’t ever worry about losing your keys again! Our key cutting services can help you avoid getting locked out of your home and vehicles. We have a wide variety of keys in stock to make sure the one you have in mind is the one you will get. Our selection varies in everyday keys to antique skeleton keys. Richmond Security is the place to get quality key cutting services for your door, automobile, mailbox, furniture and more. We even provide car key replacement options so you won’t ever have to worry again about losing your car keys again.


Rekeying is altering a lock so that only new keys will work. When a rekey service is performed it will change the tumbler or wafer configuration in the lock, which prevents the old key from working in the same lock. Rekeying is ideal when you have lost a key that you no longer want to be able to be used to access your home. The cost to rekey a lock is less than what it would cost to replace an entire lock that may still be in good condition.

Specialty Locks

We have our professionals trained to assist you with any lock installation or repair you need. For the ultimate home protection, you should have safes or vaults in your home for your most valuable personal belongings. Take that one extra step to secure your home with an impenetrable vault door or a residential safe. Come in today to browse our inventory to find the best solution for your needs.

If you have already taken these extra measures to secure your home, remember to keep them maintained for optimum security. Whether you need your safe lock repaired or you just invested in a home vault door that needs to be installed, call our professionals to get the job done.

Installation and Repair of Locks

Not sure how to install a lock? Some of the most secure locks are the most difficult to install. Don’t sacrifice the security of your home and family by installing a complex lock yourself. Have one of our certified locksmiths come out and properly install or repair any door lock you need. Our technicians are trained in multiple fields with the ability to fix a key or lock for any pre-existing door or window.

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