Medeco High Security Locks

The protection of your home or business depends on the durability of your door locks. That’s why we only carry the highest quality locks that are proven to withstand attacks and physical wear. Our professional locksmiths constantly research and stay up-to-date with the newest security technology to bring you the most reliable door locks.

Do You:

  • Give out keys to your employees?
  • Is it okay for them to make copies without your permission?
    • MEDECO Patented Key Control No one can make copies without your permission.
  • Need more security in certain areas of your facility?
    • MEDECO Flexibility Products to secure more vulnerable entries as well as products to secure other less critical access points at a lower investment
  • Worry or have issues because your locks are vulnerable to picking, drilling and bumping?
    • MEDECO High Security Unique Medeco locking principle with millions of key combinations has made the high security lock virtually pick and bump proof.
  • Need access option 24/7?
    • MEDECO Convenient Access Simple key system allowing access to people and places, works during power outages.
  • Rekey your locks more than once each year?
    • MEDECO Saves Money Long Term Invest $259 to install Medeco vs. $345 to rekey throughout the year.

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Medeco Locksets

Richmond Security chooses to supply Medeco locks at our warehouse due to the unmatched protection they provide against unauthorized key duplication. Medeco’s premium high security locking technology is so secure, it’s patented. You won’t ever have to worry about lock picking or key bumping again if you install a Medeco lock on your doors. Each lock product line is tested within their facilities for performance and durability against all weather conditions and different types of attacks.

Medeco’s UL437 Rating means that their locks have been tested against attacks and for endurance. All locks at chain stores have not been tested for performance like locks at Richmond Security. Big-box stores may have cheaper locks that save you money now, but Medeco locks are well worth the investment in the long run. Some locks are meant to just lock doors, while others are built to keep intruders out. You want the latter, which is what you get with a Medeco lock.

  • Medeco M3 Logic: A highly cost-efficient, retrofit lock for doors that need cylinder lock access control. The Medeco lock cylinders come in varying styles and can easily be integrated into any door hardware. Medeco M3 Logic products are easy to maintain and update by yourself or with a professional locksmith.
  • Medeco NexGen XT: Medeco XT products provide ultimate security for your business. These door locks were built to defend against both electronic and physical attacks. Due to its design, Medeco XT locks cannot be opened by a fraudulent key or broken into by a forced entry at any time.

Richmond Security is the only Medeco Security Center dealer in the Greater Richmond area. Our professional locksmiths are qualified to recommend and install a variety of high security Medeco locks for both residential and commercial locations. Contact us for a free security consultation today!

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