Custom Safes

Find the custom safe that fits your needs

Our showroom in Richmond, Virginia is the best place to start if you’re interested in a custom home safe, custom gun safe, or custom safe interior. Let the knowledgeable staff at Richmond Security help you decide what works best for your valuables.

Custom home safes

Finding the right custom home safe is easy at Richmond Security. We offer a variety of sizes and interior configurations to protect your cash, property, art or jewelry. Whether you’re looking for something small to keep in a bedroom or a larger custom home safe for an office, walk-in closets or basement, our team is here to help.

Custom gun safes

If you have a special gun collection that you want to store and display, or just want to protect your guns in a safe, organized manner, a custom gun safe interior designed for you is the way to go. Richmond Security can help configure the inside of an AMSEC gun safe to hold everything from small pistols to large hunting rifles and antiques. We can even add a small storage piece for extras such as money or jewelry.

Custom safe interiors

Creating a custom-built safe isn’t simply adding shelves, drawers and specialty accessories. It’s about adding exactly the right interior accessories to fit your unique needs. Visit our showroom and talk to one of our trained professionals about how to find the right safe and custom safe interior personalized just for you.

Custom safe interior options

At Richmond Security, we have a variety of interior safe customization options available to create your very own unique safe. Regardless of the type of safe you need, we can customize it with interior lights or modify shelf space to perfectly fit the valuables you want to protect.

Some of the available safe customization options listed below are offered in a variety of sizes and shapes:

  • Shelving size
  • Interior drawers
  • Slotted drop safe doors
  • Interior lockers
  • Interior hopper
  • Modular locking system
  • Locking bolt detent
  • Coin racks
  • Shelved doors

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