Gold Star Service

In-House Safe Delivery Service

When you buy a safe for your home or business from Richmond Security, you can always expect the best in selection and service. We offer professional safe delivery through our Gold Star Service to customers in Richmond and its surrounding areas so you can feel secure without having to worry about the logistics.

Our safe delivery service includes*:

  • Professionals trained to move and install safes
  • Delivery within 25 miles from our showroom
  • Placement into the first floor of your home
  • Safe installation and bolt-down service (as needed)
  • Free service or repair on-site for the first year after your AMSEC purchase

Trained Professionals

Our professional movers are experienced in successfully moving safes of all sizes and trained to prevent damage to either your home or office. You’ll find that our safes are heavy, made with sturdy metals, thick walls, and require professional equipment to be moved. Without the proper steps and precautions in place, moving a safe to a new location can be dangerous for you, your safe, and your home.

The need for costly safe repairs can come from improper handling while moving You can put your trust in Richmond Security’s 40+ years of service in the Greater Richmond Area.

Delivery To Your Home

At Richmond Security, we always have you in mind. If you live within a 25-mile radius of our showroom, you qualify for a complimentary home delivery with the purchase of a safe*. You can contact us or call us at 804-378-1010 to request a delivery outside of this radius for an additional fee.

At the time of your safe purchase, we’ll work with you to schedule a convenient time for us to deliver your safe so you can plan ahead. Use our map below to see if you qualify for free in house safe delivery with a purchase at Richmond Security!

In-House Safe Delivery

With quality of service in mind, our professional movers do more than just drop the safe off in front of your home. We’re not like the other big box stores that leave your safe sitting in the driveway still boxed up. We unbox the safe after a secure arrival, bring it into your home and place it exactly where you want it. Gold Star Service* offers the delivery and set-up on the first floor at no charge. Without Gold Star Service, for a delivery outside of the radius or to another floor of your home or business, we’ll work with you to ensure a safe and secure delivery and set-up based on our schedule of mileage and stair rates.

Safe Installation

Not only will our safe professionals move your safe into your home for you, they will ensure it is secured and ready to be used before we leave. Since we know safe installations can be tricky, our professionals will be available for guidance. As the experts, they are available for you during this time to recommend a safe spot that will hold the weight but offer easy access when you need it.

Free Service or Repair

Although our safes are heavy duty and highly secure, we know at times they are in need of service or repair. When you make a purchase that qualifies you for our Gold Star Service, you can receive free servicing or repairs up to 12 months from date of purchase. When needed, our safe professionals will come to you to service/repair your safe on-site. (note I changed the wording of this last sentence).

*To qualify to receive this complimentary service, you must purchase a safe over $500 or pay a one-time fee of $100 dollars with any safe purchase under $500. Exclusions may apply.

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