From hospitals to senior-living communities, health care environments are highly sensitive. These facilities are filled with personal health information, access rights, and compliance auditing requirements. Our electronic access control systems provide physical security for healthcare facilities, keeping staff and clinicians cordoned to their specified areas. Our locksmith services allow for the ability to change access rights without mechanical rekeying. Richmond Security professionals are available to help healthcare organizations protect their patients and employees, as well as sensitive equipment and information.

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Pharmacy Protection

Pharmacy Protection

Accountability of medications and pharmaceuticals is a critical healthcare security measure.  Whether a medical center, outpatient clinic, or retirement community, knowing exactly who has access to inventory – and when – is vital. Our audit logs show who accessed files, materials, or drugs and our products comply with Joint Commission and industry guidelines by keeping audited access to controlled substances. Reduce the time required to manually monitor pharmacy access while improving loss prevention.

Records Accountability

Records Accountability

Safety is at the core of patient care. That includes protecting patient information in accordance with HIPAA and other regulations. That’s where we come in, providing the security systems and intelligent locking mechanisms that will create an audit trail for increased accountability. You’ll know who accessed patient or staff records and when to ensure security and patient privacy.

Equipment Protection

Equipment Protection

Healthcare devices are among the most expensive products available, and theft or misuse can lead to major expense,  liabilities and downtime. Reduce the liability of unauthorized access to equipment. Our systems create audit trails to prevent loss of expensive lab and medical devices, and ensure you know who has access to which equipment, and when.

Facility Security

From circulating staff to patients and visitors, medical facilities present unique security challenges. Access control and audit trails need to be tight, with the flexibility to move control systems quickly from room to room. Medeco eCylinder access technology can easily provide facilities with enhanced protection against loss or liability issues. Secure doors, gates, files, cabinets and other areas quickly and completely. Special locking arrangements, infant security, wandering management, duress alerts, and intelligent video surveillance systems are among the specialized needs we help healthcare facilities meet.

Information Security Technology

Securing computer or IT rooms has never been more critical. Healthcare computer networks handle extremely sensitive data, from patient records to financial information. Our Medeco eCylinder technology controls access to networking areas and manages maintenance programs, while keeping necessary access to equipment under control. eCylinders can be programmed to deny key authorized access, providing an ideal solution for securing valuable IT data.

Peace of Mind

Hospitals, medical facilities and retirement communities are often open and publicly accessible areas, which can be a concern. Our security offerings provide peace of mind to staff, patients, residents and their families. Richmond Security is careful to ensure cleanliness standards are maintained and that our work remains compartmentalized while operating in healthcare environments.

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I have used Richmond Security for years for lock changes and now a new Lock Box. Excellent, honest and trustworthy people! I highly recommend them!

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