Protect students, staff, and private information.

Securing our Commonwealth’s K-12 and higher educational institutions, along with the students and staff who inhabit them, is of great importance. With proper systems in place, we can instantly lock down doors or limit access to all or part of schools from intruders. In addition, our security solutions protect sensitive student and staff records, control access to expensive equipment, and provide audit trails of who gets access and when to rooms and documents.

Restrict facility access

Our systems allow a school to quickly limit access to all or part of the facility, and we can deploy our products often with a retrofit of existing locks and keys. Our goal is to provide high security while still allowing for frictionless entry and exit.

Secure equipment

Our sophisticated locks and keys allow schools to secure computers and expensive equipment, issuing each department leader an intelligent key or prox card that builds an audit trail. Our plans allow facilities and IT managers to limit risk without sacrificing access.

Secure student records

Our document security solutions comply with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which requires schools closely control access to student records, including medical and academic files. Access is fully audited, providing educational institutions Audit information can be helpful to eliminate liability should information loss occur.

University-specific solutions

Our college and university-specific products provide controlled access to off-site locations through either electronic access control or retrofitting old mechanical locks with intelligent systems that provide access to authorized individuals. Our systems also work well with research laboratories and athletic areas.