Securing our Commonwealth’s K-12 and higher educational institutions, along with their students, faculty, and staff, is of great importance.

Our security cameras help you detect, analyze, and respond to security situations in real time. Our access control systems can instantly allow schools to limit and control access, as well as fully lock down a campus from unwanted intruders. In addition, our keying and security solutions protect sensitive records, and provide peace of mind for administrators and staff.

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Restrict Facility Access

Restrict Facility Access

Our systems allow schools to control access, and quickly lock down campuses in the event of an emergency. We can deploy our solutions in new or existing facilities, and can often work with legacy infrastructure to help control costs.

Our camera systems allow you to detect, analyze, and respond to security situations in real time.

Our goal is to ensure school safety and security while maintaining freedom of movement for students and staff.

Keying Systems

Keying Systems

Our patented key control systems allow schools to take back control of who has keys to their facilities.

Master Key Systems allow schools to decide who has keys to what areas. Facilities personnel can rest easy knowing that the keys we provide cannot be duplicated with our authorization.

Secure Records and Offices

Secure Records and Offices

Our security systems are designed to protect records rooms, offices, and even whole campuses from intrusion and vandalism.

All of our solutions work seamlessly together to provide a total security solution for your facility.

University-Specific Solutions

Our college and university-specific products provide controlled access to off-site locations through either electronic access control or retrofitting old mechanical locks with intelligent systems that provide access to authorized individuals. Our systems also work well with research laboratories and athletic areas on university or college campuses. Campus wide Video Solutions put you in the know about what is happening on your property. Video Analytics help to make your security team more efficient by proactively bringing verified alerts to their attention.

K-12 Public and Private Solutions

Richmond Security understands the need for seamless security in our local K-12 Public and Private Schools. There is a balance between keeping children safe and secure while providing an open and inviting atmosphere for parents and staff. Video Surveillance, Access Control, Security Systems, and Patented Key Control all have a place and a specific role to play in building out a total security solution for our schools. Let our experts design a system for you today!

Access Control

Our access control solutions can scale from a handful of critical areas to a campus wide solution that spans multiple locations, hundreds of doors, and thousands of cardholders. Our software solutions allow you to manage multiple locations with ease and give you the ability to lockdown areas quickly if there is a threat.

Video Surveillance

We install surveillance systems that create the kind of secure environment that attracts families, top-tier teachers, and creates a community. Our integrated security technology solutions help school administrators deal quickly and efficiently with common, day-to-day issues. For example, search recorded video of children entering and exiting busses to make sure everyone is accounted for.

Medeco eCylinder, Medeco M4, and Medeco X4 Solutions

Enjoy a complete electronic locking system with Medeco eCylinder for efficient, easy-to-install electronic access control.

With Medeco M4 High Security Cylinders, you can protect your facilities with comprehensive triple-locking technology.

Medeco X4 combines economy with efficiency for some of the largest master key capabilities available on the market today.

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Medeco eCylinders provide unique solutions to protect often-overlooked sensitive areas on campus.

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Medeco eCylinders help administrators develop comprehensive school security systems.

K-12 Guidelines

See recommendations for administrators on how Medeco access control products can effectively protect students and sensitive information.