Biometric Access Control Systems

When protecting critical assets is a priority, our advanced biometric technology puts next-level facility security at your fingertips.




Check who is on-site and when with real-time entry and exit information and searchable logs.



Eliminate PINs, key duplication, and card sharing with a single biometric ‘key’ for every authorized user.



Biometric systems offer long-term savings and value with lower operating and maintenance costs.

Biometric Access Control Systems

Sensitive customer data, proprietary technologies, high-value systems, and even your own employees’ records need the best protection you can provide.

Biometric authentication systems identify individuals using fingerprint scans for foolproof authentication and seamless facility-wide access control.

  • Verify individuals using biometric identifiers that cannot be lost, forgotten, shared, or duplicated
  • Easily manage complex tiered access systems and multiple levels of security
  • Track facility access records in real-time or check searchable audited logs.

We offer fully customized biometric security systems designed to protect your mission-critical assets.


Biometric Fingerprint Reader Technology

Our biometric fingerprint sensors and user recognition systems provide simple, robust, and reliable security and authentication, day in and day out.

  • Advanced fingerprint sensors make user verification quick and easy
  • Gather new fingerprint biometrics or adjust access permissions from the scanner
  • Add new biometric devices as your business’s security needs change and grow.

Biometric systems are also more cost-effective to run, with no cards or keys to track, support, or replace.

Find out how biometrical security systems can save you money and time while keeping your assets safe.


Your electronic security specialist, Ray Jackson, brilliantly accomplished what 3 other security and IT specialists couldn’t – he fixed our problem and made it look easy. I wasted so much time talking to our electronic door access software company and working with the other IT guys. I am still scratching my head wondering what Ray knew that the other 3 guys didn’t. Ray was wonderful to work with and we are so happy! I will definitely recommend Richmond Security, Inc.

Cheri W.

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WAre biometric access systems customizable? If so, what features can be customized?

Yes, biometric systems are customizable. For example, biometrics can be used on selected parts of your access control system. They can also be deployed in combination with a PIN or keycard for added security.

How easy is it to register a new user for biometric access?

Registering a user is very easy. It can be done from the reader itself or a desktop enrollment station in HR.

Are biometric access systems more expensive than other types of access control?

Biometric equipment costs more to install than traditional PIN or card systems but requires less day-to-day management and maintenance.


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