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Physical security issues are complex, but with Richmond Security’s unique and layered Security Pyramid approach, our experts can help you protect people, places, and property with the right products for your specific needs.

Our Three Main Pillars Of Security




Access Control

Protect people, places, and property through physically secure, cybersecure and compliant access control systems.


Video Surveillance

Detect a security threat in real time, remotely monitor your facility with your smartphone, deter criminal intent and losses on your property.



We defend all sides of a door and everything behind them with high security locks and intelligent systems that can’t be duplicated.






Products at the Forefront of Business Security

Covid-19 Business Security Solutions

From cutting edge technology to common sense safety, Richmond Security offers a variety of solutions to protect employees and customers while also reducing the risk of facility closures.




Access Control

Control who, when, and where access is authorized.


Commercial Alarm Systems

Protect your business from possible threats and intrusions.


Video Surveillance

Detect and act on security threats in real time.




Locksmith Services You Can Count On



Commercial Locksmith

Rekeying, repairs, retrofitting, and installation services to keep your business secure.


Residential Locksmith

Tested, durable, and high quality, door hardware products that protect against physical and mechanical attacks.





“Your electronic security specialist, Ray Jackson, brilliantly accomplished what 3 other security and IT specialists couldn’t – he fixed our problem and made it look easy. I wasted so much time talking to our electronic door access software company and working with the other IT guys. I am still scratching my head wondering what Ray knew that the other 3 guys didn’t. Ray was wonderful to work with and we are so happy! I will definitely recommend Richmond Security, Inc.”

Cheri W.





Industry Solutions

Healthcare Industry Page

Manage staff and clinician admittance, restrict access to pharmaceuticals, ensure records accountability and compliance, and protect personal health information and expensive equipment. Learn More

security for manufacturing plants in richmond va


Big or small, manufacturers operate expensive equipment and are constantly receiving and shipping expensive products and raw materials. Securing people and manufacturing processes against theft, unauthorized access and on-the-job accidents can reduce losses and keep employees safe. Manage employee activity … Learn More


Securing our Commonwealth’s K-12 and higher educational institutions, along with the students and staff who inhabit them, is of great importance. With proper systems in place, we can instantly lock down doors or limit access to all or part of … Learn More

security for retail stores in virginia


End shrinkage and inventory theft with intelligent key systems, smart safe cash management, and storage of high-value goods. Learn More


Based in the Virginia capital and within a short drive to Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia’s government institutions and contractors, Richmond Security is trusted by local, state, and federal governments to restrict access to property, people and records and audit … Learn More

access control for small banking richmond va

Banking, Financial and Credit Unions

In a time when hackers are the ones grabbing headlines, bank branches and other financial institutions remain under constant threat from physical attacks. From the ATM outside to the vault indoors, we provide banks with high physical security through mechanical … Learn More

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