Banking, Financial and Credit Unions

Top-tier physical security, backed by audit trails and accountability.

In a time when hackers are the ones grabbing headlines, bank branches and other financial institutions remain under constant threat from physical attacks. From the ATM outside to the vault indoors, we provide banks with high physical security through mechanical locks, access control systems, and intrusion detection. Our systems, customized to each customer and budget needs, also help institutions maintain compliance and accountability through audit trails and record keeping. High physical security doesn’t just keep people, property and profits safe, but better instills confidence in shareholders that branch operations are efficient, cost-effective, and secure.

Controlled and scheduled access

Create an impenetrable system that specifies when and where certain keys can be used to gain access to facilities, records, and assets. Programmed keys work only on specified locks, and will not work outside of their schedule or past an expiration date. Our locks retrofit on any existing traditional lock or combination dial system.

Compliance and accountability

Investigate incidents around vaults, security boxes and safes in a matter of minutes, stop unauthorized entry, and know who is trying to gain access to entry points with a record of every attempt. Whether your door or computer system grants or denies access, the attempt is captured for future audit and investigation needs. With intelligent mechanical locks and advanced access control systems in place, you ensure compliance at every entry point.

Door access, surveillance, and alarm systems

Without inconveniencing customers or employees, a building can remain heavily guarded through secured doors, camera systems, and alarms. Our surveillance solutions capture faces and license plate numbers and, when networked, give banks the ability for both remote and on-site monitoring. When paired with access control, staff can immediately lock down specified areas to intruders.

Risk and facility management

Make branch location rekeys a thing of the past with intelligent keys that can never be duplicated and shut down in the event one is lost or stolen. Our keys can also eliminate combination management is eliminated, reducing locksmith service calls and their associated costs.

Features and Functionality

  • Security alarms
  • Video surveillance and monitoring
  • Employee protection and “panic buttons”
  • Code-compliant, fire threat alarms
  • Biometric or PIN authentication
  • High-resolution camera surveillance
  • License plate camera capture
  • Night depositories
  • Undercounter cabinetry
  • Drive-up and walk-up audio and video systems
  • Bank safes and vaults
  • Schedule access with preset expiration
  • Digital record of every attempted access
  • Scheduled openings
  • Dual-control locking and programming