Securing and safeguarding sensitive public data and institutions.

Based in the Virginia capital and within a short drive to Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia’s government institutions and contractors, Richmond Security is trusted by local, state, and federal governments to restrict access to property, people and records and audit both ingress and egress through some of our most sensitive – and public – workplaces and tourist attractions.

Protect public records

Government agencies often manage social security numbers, medical records, and other sensitive personal data. These records and documents must be kept private to reduce the risk of legal action, and include audit trails to understand how and who accessed the data. Our industry leading security products are fully compliant with federal, state and local regulations that govern how information must be guarded.

Reduce financial and records loss

Loss of paper and electronic records is a greater liability than most organizations understand. Access can be vigorously controlled and monitored— even more so when personal data is involved. Many regulations require a record of access, and violators can face significant financial, legal, and legislative penalties if breaches occur.

Smart Safe Cash management

Our AMSEC Smart Safe cash management systems streamline the cash management process, increasing accuracy and reducing theft and employee error. Managers full visibility over cash volumes, even with multiple locations. Our Smart Safes also feature an uncompromising level both physical (thick steel and anti-pry locks, for example) and software security, from encrypted data communication to time locks.