Access Control

High security is not always convenient.

Control who, when, and where access is authorized for the protection of people, places and property. When used as part of an integrated security system, access control provides companies with safety, restricted access to assets, and audit trails to give your enterprise detailed records of who is granted access, and when. Our robust software platform provides the backbone of your integration to seamlessly interact with each.

Access control

Apart from securing property, access control gives facilities and IT managers the ability to grant various tiers of access to specific individuals and easily keep track of where they go and what they access. In addition, security managers can instantly void card access or lock down doors altogether. Access control systems are placed onto a company’s network and can be reviewed securely and remotely, providing organizations with multi-site control. Our systems easily integrate with related systems such as video monitoring, photo ID badging, elevator controls, and parking gate controls.

Alarm systems and monitoring

When access control is paired with intrusion detection and monitoring, a business can create an impenetrable, integrated commercial security system. Our monitoring systems allow you to keep watch over your business on-site or remotely.

Proximity card readers

Proximity cards and prox readers provide businesses with the advantage of easily and quickly granting or removing access and providing audit trails of movement throughout a building or campus. Unlike a mechanical key, a prox card can be quickly voided and doors immediately locked down through the system. Prox card systems also greatly reduce the need for security manpower.


When proximity and card reader systems alone aren’t enough for organizations with sensitive products and data, biometric access control offers ultimate security. Biometric security – which uses fingerprints or, in some cases, eyes or facial recognition – is one of the most foolproof electronic access control options, making it impossible for intruders to gain unauthorized access at any biometrically secure station.

Video surveillance cameras

Not all businesses require video surveillance, but for those that do, we offer indoor, outdoor and remotely accessible surveillance cameras. IP cameras, in particular, place video surveillance onto your company’s company network and give facilities managers the ability to access surveillance video anywhere via a computer or mobile device.

Video integration

Video Integration provides the ability to interface your video surveillance system with an access control security system, critical communications, infant monitoring system, or other third-party systems. This integration allows live and/or recorded video to be viewed during an alarm event. And Video Management Software (VMS) allows companies to feed existing cameras into a single platform that is customized with different views. Well-selected software provides ease of use and an intuitiveness that overcomes challenges such as multiple user levels. VMS provides easy investigation of recorded video while still allowing live video to be viewed at all times.

Richmond Security also provides hosting and monitoring of video and alarms to reduce your costs. Contact us to learn more.

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