Access Control

High security is not always convenient.

Control who, where, and when access is authorized for the protection of people, places, and property.

Protect customer records, sensitive data, and proprietary assets–and avoid potential fines or litigation–by keeping the wrong people out while allowing the right people in.

Access control does more than protect assets and provide physical security. It provides audit trails for detailed records of who is granted access, and when. Our robust access control software platform gives you control of your operation, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your most important assets are secure.

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Access control

With access control, facilities and IT managers can grant tiered access to specific individuals. This way, they can easily track where they go and what they access. In addition, security managers can instantly grant temporary access, revoke access, or lock down doors altogether. All of this can be done from onsite or remotely through a connected device.

Access Control Systems can be securely managed through an onsite software installation or Cloud Hosted to provide simple and secure access from anywhere. Our systems can manage thousands of users and hundreds of doors seamlessly at a single location or across multiple physical sites.

Additionally, Richmond Security systems easily integrate with related systems. Combine access control with video monitoring, photo ID badging, elevator controls, and parking gate controls.

Types Of Physical Access Control (PAC)

When it comes to access control, there are two basic types: physical and logical.

Whereas logical access control primarily deals with computer networks, databases, and systems, physical access control (PAC) limits access to places–buildings, assets, and specific rooms.

Richmond Security’s PAC services integrate with various programs to tailor access to our clients’ specific needs.

Some common industry integrations and uses of PACs include:

  • Visitor management programs and systems: Keep track of who comes and goes in the course of a day
  • Industry-specific programs: Integrate your PACs with industry-specific needs
  • Coworking: Monitor coworking and shared spaces and view unlock logs
  • Video monitoring systems: Richmond Security’s video monitoring systems allow you to actively monitor sites, automatically storing footage.

Benefits Of Physical Access Control (PAC)

There are practical benefits when you integrate PACs with your operations to protect certain buildings, areas, and assets. They include:

  • Real-time reporting and access
  • Scalability
  • User-friendly operation and maintenance

Richmond Security adjusts your PAC to fit the particular needs and functions of your organization. Employees and visitors alike will be able to focus on the task at hand, instead of considerations of safety and security.

Rather than sacrifice effectiveness to constantly monitor logs and records or concern themselves with security system maintenance and updates, our clients are able to confidently and efficiently manage their organizations.

Proximity card readers

Proximity cards and prox readers provide businesses with the advantage of easily to use access credentials. These credentials allow employees to easily scan in and out of protected spaces. Proximity cards can be printed on, allowing them to double as ID badges for your employees and guests. Unlike a mechanical key, a prox card can be quickly deleted if lost, or traced through the access control system to see if it is being used by an unauthorized person. There are several different Prox Card technologies and formats to choose from, such as key cards and key fobs. Let our experts guide you through the process of choosing the right credential and reader for your operation.


Sometimes, standard proximity cards and readers may not be enough security for sensitive data or projects. Biometrics bring in a physical characteristic of an individual like a fingerprint, hand geometry, iris structure, or facial features and converts that data into a usable stream of data for the access control system. Biometrics tie a person to a user record more securely than proximity cards alone. When used in conjunction with proximity cards, biometrics adds another layer of certainty that the user is who they are presenting to be. Many factors go into determining whether biometrics are the right solution for your business. Let our team help you choose the proper technology based on your overall security and operational needs.

Alarm systems and monitoring

When access control is paired with intrusion detection and monitoring, a business can create an impenetrable, integrated commercial security system. Our monitored intrusion detection systems protect your business and assets while you are away.

Electronic Security is an essential part of your total security solution. For businesses that close at night or on the weekends, an intrusion detection system gives you peace of mind, knowing that your building is secured when you are away.

Integrating this type of electronic security with access control and video surveillance give you 24/7 control over your business and operation. You work hard to keep your operation running efficiently, and our systems will work just as hard behind the scenes to keep you and your employees safe.

Video surveillance cameras

It is our opinion that all businesses should have a Video Surveillance system. The awareness that a video surveillance system provides is essential to running your operation. We offer indoor and outdoor high resolution IP cameras that can meet any environmental condition or operational need. Not only does it make sense to have eyes on your business, situational video is oftentimes the key piece of information that helps businesses identify and overcome safety and production issues. All of our Video Surveillance systems are accessible locally or securely from outside of your facility, giving those who need it, realtime access to the system from anywhere at any time.

Video integration

Either fully integrated or when used to supplement an access control or security system, Video Integration helps give visual evidence of what your other systems have picked up on. Imagine being able to tie a video of an intruder breaking into a secured area with a monitored intrusion detection response, giving you and first responders situational awareness when it is needed most. Think of how you can tie a card read at a specific door with a video of the event, to make sure that person using the card is the person that is authorized, and not someone using someone else’s credentials. Our video integration capabilities give you better visibility into your operation and critical systems.

Access Control For Your Commercial Building or Office

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Richmond Security also provides hosting and monitoring of video and alarms to reduce your costs.

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