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Intrusion Detection Systems

Intrusion Detection Systems

Enjoy total security with customizable commercial alarm systems. 24/7 intrusion, fire, smoke, and Co2 monitoring. Includes police and medical panic buttons.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Detect a security threat in real time. Feel peace of mind with customized solutions to minimize workman’s compensation claims, allow you to monitor your facility using your smartphone, or effectively investigate criminal activity.

Access Control

Access Control

Control who, where, and when access is authorized for the protection of people, places, and property.

Intrusion Detection Systems

We understand how devastating a break-in or burglary can be for your business. That’s why we offer only the best quality, dependable integrated business security systems.

Whether you are looking for a commercial burglar alarm or a commercial security monitoring system, we have the security products and services you need to secure your business.

With our security systems, you’ll enjoy:

  • Free estimates
  • Quick installation
  • Security customized for your business
  • 24/7 monitoring

Our security systems provide you with sophisticated solutions that are professionally installed and monitored for complete peace of mind.

Man installing intrusion detection system in a commercial building

woman monitoring commercial video surveillance system on her tablet.

Video Surveillance

Choosing the proper video surveillance system to meet your security needs can be a daunting task. We have the expertise to ensure that you have a properly deployed system to solve your business’ specific needs.

We offer customized video surveillance systems that give you peace of mind by:

  • Minimizing Workman’s Compensation claims
  • Remotely monitoring your facility using your smart phone
  • Using these devices to effectively investigate criminal activity
  • Detering illegal civil or criminal intent on your property

Our fixed dome surveillance cameras, remote video surveillance cameras, indoor and outdoor cameras, and IP based security monitors can be a highly effective solution for your business’ specific security needs.

Access Control

Control who, where, and when access is authorized for the protection of people, places, and property.

Protect customer records, sensitive data, and proprietary assets–and avoid potential fines or litigation–by keeping the wrong people out while allowing the right people in.

With our access control solution, you’ll enjoy:

  • Protect your assets
  • Physical security
  • Audit trails for details records of who is granted access and when.
  • Control of your operation

Our security systems provide you with sophisticated solutions that are professionally installed and monitored for complete peace of mind.

Man installing intrusion detection system in a commercial building

Locksmith master fixing high-security lock

Commercial Locksmith Services

Richmond Security is here to secure your business, keeping you, your employees, and your possessions safe.

Our commercial locksmith services include the installation and service of deadbolts, high-security locks, non-duplicable keys, and updated hardware.

We’re here for your 24-hour commercial locksmith needs.


‟These guys are pros, they offer awesome security and lock services for your home or business, they brought to my attention many systems and items I had no idea were available.”

— Reid H.

Security for Nursing Homes

Residential Group Care

We help residential group facilities build safe, comfortable, peaceful environments for their residents. Our integrated security systems can help eliminate threats and concerns to health and well-being. Learn More


Manage staff and clinician admittance, restrict access to pharmaceuticals, ensure records accountability and compliance, and protect personal health information and expensive equipment. Learn More

security for manufacturing plants in richmond va


Big or small, manufacturers operate expensive equipment and are constantly receiving and shipping expensive products and raw materials. Securing people and manufacturing processes against theft, unauthorized access and on-the-job accidents can reduce losses and keep employees safe. Manage employee activity … Learn More


Securing our Commonwealth’s K-12 and higher educational institutions, along with the students and staff who inhabit them, is of great importance. With proper systems in place, we can instantly lock down doors or limit access to all or part of … Learn More

security for retail stores in virginia


End shrinkage and inventory theft with intelligent key systems, smart safe cash management, and storage of high-value goods. Learn More


Based in the Virginia capital and within a short drive to Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia’s government institutions and contractors, Richmond Security is trusted by local, state, and federal governments to restrict access to property, people and records and audit … Learn More

access control for small banking richmond va

Banking, Financial and Credit Unions

In a time when hackers are the ones grabbing headlines, bank branches and other financial institutions remain under constant threat from physical attacks. From the ATM outside to the vault indoors, we provide banks with high physical security through mechanical … Learn More

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Biometric Access Control Systems

Make it impossible to gain unauthorized access to your biometric secure station.

Proximity Readers

Control when and by whom access was granted.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Feel peace of mind with high-security mechanical locks and keys that cannot be duplicated.

Network/IP Cameras

Place video surveillance on your network and, If desired, on the world wide web.

Infant Protection Systems

Protecting newborn patients from the threat of abduction.

Medeco Security Locks

These high-security locks can stand up to virtually any picking, drilling, and bumping.

Richmond Security Custom Design & Installation

Each commercial security system we install is unique and custom-designed to meet your business needs. We’ll ensure all elements of your security system work together to simplify your life while providing maximum security for your business and employees.

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Commercial Security Frequently Asked Questions

Which security product is right for my company?

First off, don’t think simply about the product. Think of good security as an investment portfolio: You wouldn’t put all your money into a single investment – it’s important to diversify. You might need only one security product or a combination of many. Contact us for a free Richmond Security Assessment to determine the best-fit for your needs and budget.

How much does Commercial Security Systems Cost?

Could we get an answer to this question, maybe with a price range?

Do you perform work outside of Richmond?

Yes! We are active in Hampton Roads and other parts of Virginia. In fact, we don’t mind traveling to any part of the state if you have a need we can support.


Contact us to learn how we can customize a commercial security solution to keep you and your business safe and secure.

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