Serving Virginia’s manufacturers with industry leading security.

Big or small, manufacturers operate expensive equipment and are constantly receiving and shipping expensive products and raw materials. Securing people and manufacturing processes against theft, unauthorized access and on-the-job accidents can reduce losses and keep employees safe.

Manage employee activity

Our security solutions manage employee access to machines or to specific areas at unauthorized times. Our simple software, which integrates with existing operations or security systems, allows you to easily change authorizations for new or departing employees and track people’s movement across your facilities through audit records.

Manage loading docks and delivery areas

The risk for lost inventory or unauthorized building access on loading docks or delivery areas is high, increasing risk of revenue loss and liability. By allowing access at only specified times and intelligent tracking of keys, manufacturers can reduce the loss of stolen materials and control who can go where.

Control access to hazardous areas or materials

Not everyone needs access all the time to areas or materials. The cleaning crew, for example, should not have access to all areas other than scheduled cleaning times. Restricting access can minimize potential safety risks in mechanical or storage rooms.

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