From hospitals to senior-living communities, to clinics, healthcare environments are highly sensitive. These facilities are filled with staff, patients, visitors, personal health information, medical equipment, and controlled substances.

Our advanced access control systems enable you to control and audit access to surgery centers, pharmacies, and server rooms. Our surveillance platforms give you visibility throughout your campus and deliver powerful analytic tools that will flag suspicious activity, identity individuals on your watchlists, and help maintain social distancing and capacity requirements. Our infant protection systems protect newborns against abduction and allow you to quickly lock down a unit when an infant is threatened.

Advanced electronics do not negate the need for robust lock and key systems. Richmond Security locksmiths can help you build the foundation of your physical security program by designing, maintaining, and organizing master key systems.

Richmond Security professionals are available to help healthcare organizations protect their patients and employees, as well as sensitive equipment and information.

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Pharmacy Protection

Pharmacy Protection

Accountability of medications and pharmaceuticals is a critical security measure. Whether a medical center, outpatient clinic, or retirement community, controlling who has access to medications and supplies is vital.

We understand pharmacy board requirements and will design a comprehensive security plan including intrusion detection. Our safes and secure containers help you store supplies and controlled substances with confidence.

Infant Protection

Infant Protection

Healthcare professionals are responsible for protecting precious lives in their most vulnerable moments.

Richmond Security can design, install, and maintain infant protection systems that provide security and peace of mind for both staff and parents.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health facilities face unique and complex challenges.

Richmond Security has developed expertise in developing comprehensive systems that protect staff and patients.

We understand the special locking requirements of behavioral health facilities and can provide a wide array of anti-ligature hardware.

Facility Security

In the healthcare environment, cameras, electronic access control, door hardware, and other electronic systems must work together seamlessly. Richmond Security provides products and services with the big picture in mind.

To provide these solutions, we bring together stakeholders from facilities, security, IT, HR, and other professional disciplines to ensure that everyone’s input is recognized and respected.

Information Security Technology

Securing server and IT rooms has never been more critical. In addition, an advanced security system requires careful coordination to meet IT requirements and standards.

Richmond Security professionals work hand in hand with IT stakeholders to meet governance and data security requirements. Our projects include careful coordination with your facility’s Information Technology pros in order to respect data and network integrity.

Peace of Mind

Our solutions provide peace of mind to staff, patients, residents, and their families. Our goal is to help you maintain safe environments where patients can flourish and staff can focus on providing care.

Richmond Security is careful to ensure cleanliness standards are maintained and that our work remains compartmentalized while operating in healthcare environments.

Schedule and appoint today to learn more about how partnering with Richmond Security can provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

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I have used Richmond Security for years for lock changes and now a new Lock Box. Excellent, honest and trustworthy people! I highly recommend them!

— Robin B.

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