You focus on care. We’ll keep everyone – and everything – secure.

From hospitals to senior-living communities, health care environments are highly sensitive facilities filled with personal health information, access rights, and compliance auditing requirements. Our electronic access control systems will keep staff and clinicians cordoned to their specified areas, while our locksmith services allow for the ability to change access rights without mechanical rekeying.

Pharmacy protection

Accountability of medications and pharmaceuticals is critical in a healthcare environment – whether a medical center, outpatient clinic, or retirement community. Knowing exactly who has access to inventory and when is vital to preventing theft and misuse. Our solutions create audit logs to show who accessed or attempted to access drugs or other sensitive files or materials. Our products comply with Joint Commission and industry guidelines by keeping audited access to controlled substances. We can also reduce the time required to manually monitor pharmacy access and improve loss prevention of expensive devices and dangerous inventory.

Records accountability

Keeping patients safe is at the core of what you do – and part of that includes protecting their information in accordance with HIPAA and other regulations. That’s where we come in, providing security systems and intelligent locking mechanisms that create an audit trail for increased accountability to tell you who accessed patient or staff records and when.

Enhanced staff, patient or resident peace of mind

Hospitals, medical facilities and retirement communities are often open and publicly accessible areas, which can be unsettling to some. Our security offerings can provide peace of mind to all who work or live at your healthcare facility.

Equipment protection

Healthcare devices are among the most expensive products available, and theft or misuse can lead to major expenses and liabilities. Our systems create audit trails and prevent loss of expensive lab and medical devices and reduce the liability of unauthorized access to equipment.

Healthcare Product Brochures

In addition to our healthcare industry offerings, Richmond Security provides alarms and monitoring, access control, and video surveillance.