Residential Group Care

Protect your group care residents and staff with high-quality security solutions.

In a group care setting, it is of the utmost importance to ensure the safety and security of all in your care. Residential group facilities aim to provide a safe, comfortable, peaceful environment to residents. Installing a thorough, integrated security system can help eliminate threats and concerns to health and well-being.

Controlled Access

Monitoring who enters and exits your facilities is one of the most important ways to keep your residents and staff safe.

Richmond Security offers multiple access control solutions, including:

Biometric access control options use fingerprint readers instead of a traditional card or key. This is a great solution for care settings where residents need to access different facilities but may have restrictions on carrying badges or keys. trouble keeping track of access cards or keys.

Two-factor authentication can be a great solution for staff access control, as this entry process is highly secure and can be combined with a variety of authentication factors. Screening questions, including health screening for any signs or symptoms of potential infections, are also options for granting access. These access systems can also be integrated with our contactless automatic temperature screening systems and contactless door operators for an increased level of health and safety

Digital access systems allow you to monitor access and attempted access events to various areas of your property and keep track of any areas of concern in your facilities.


You may need your employees and staff to have their eyes in multiple places at once. Installing a video surveillance system can give your staff and management peace of mind. Surveillance can be used to monitor entry and exit and any areas where you are concerned about the security and safety of residents.

Medication Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring who has access to medications in group care settings is extremely important to ward off theft, misuse, and any dosing issues. Keeping your staff accountable limits opportunities for any medication-related security incidents. Our access solutions can monitor who accesses medications by automatically generating audit logs.

Alarm Systems

When there is a breach of security, time is of the utmost importance. Richmond Security offers commercial alarm systems to make sure that your staff can react quickly and appropriately to secure your facilities in the case of a security breach.

Security Solutions To Keep Your Residents & Staff Safe

Richmond Security not only offers a wide array of top-of-the-line security features, but we also service many industries, from manufacturing to retail to healthcare. This experience gives us the expertise to understand your unique needs and help you develop a system that works for your facilities.

Contact us today to learn more about integrating our security features into a custom solution for your residential group care facility and keep those that are in your care safe and secure.