Temperature Screening Station

Over the past months, business needs have changed rapidly as everyone adjusts to a new way of life. Nowadays, ensuring the health of the customers, employees, and visitors that enter your business is of the utmost importance. Temperature screening is becoming an increasingly common step in these new safety protocols.  

However, even using no contact thermometers still requires an employee to interact with people before they have been screened, potentially putting them at a higher risk of infection and adding to their workload. 

Automatic temperature screening stations provide an alternate way to monitor temperatures while also eliminating the need for face-to-face contact or the need for dedicated staff to monitor the stations. 

How Do Temperature Screening Stations Work?

Temperature screening stations use infrared technology to automatically detect the temperature of those who enter a building, or even a specific room. Richmond Security carries a novel SafetyTemp system recently launched by technology solutions leader, Dahua Technology. The SafetyTemp system uses an algorithm to quickly determine an elevated body temperature with zero contact.

The portable system consists of a seven-inch screen and camera with built-in sensors. When someone approaches the station and looks in the camera, the system nearly instantly displays whether their temperature is within an acceptable range as set by the operator. 

The system also can detect whether the individual is wearing a mask. This enables you to monitor anyone who enters the building to ensure compliance with public health protocols. The system can measure temperatures with a high level of accuracy (within a ±0.9°F range). 

Benefits Of Temperature Screening Stations

A temperature screening station is an affordable way to help prevent outbreaks at your business while keeping your customers and employees safe. 

If your industry requires face-to-face contact or has high foot traffic areas such as child-care facilities, dentist offices, hair salons, grocery stores, or pharmacies, it is extremely important to ensure that those who enter are healthy. Temperature screening stations reduce your employees’ exposure risk by eliminating the need for close face-to-face contact in the screening process.

This decreases the stress on your employees and enhances peace of mind for all who enter your business. They can rest assured knowing that you have a reliable protocol in place to screen all who enter for signs of fever. The Dahua SafetyTemp system enables your business to adapt to a new normal and help support a return to a more social working environment.

Protect Your Working Environment & Your People 

Reach out to Richmond Security today to learn more about the features of our SafetyTemp system. 

We would be happy to discuss your business’ needs and how a temperature screening station can ease your worry while protecting your employees and your customers, clients, and patients. 

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