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With the introduction of Covid-19 in our communities, Richmond Security understands the challenges businesses and facilities are facing with the need to quickly and efficiently implement effective safety measures.

As a trusted security and safety company in Central Virginia, Richmond Security is dedicated to helping local businesses and facilities safely re-open, and stay open.

From cutting edge technology to common sense safety, Richmond Security offers a variety of solutions to protect employees and customers while also reducing the risk of facility closures.

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Richmond Security Offers Efficient Solutions To Help Your Business Safely Re-Open

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Easily implemented health and safety screenings at key entry points

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Automatically monitor occupancy compliance throughout the facility

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Extra protection for workers, staff and students when social distancing isn’t always possible

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Minimize contact with high-touch surfaces including door handles and other hardware

Our Safety And Monitoring Solutions

Contactless Body Temperature Scanning Stations

Contactless Body Temperature Scanning Stations

These self-serve stations offer a compact and easily implemented solution for detecting elevated skin temperature before entering a building or specific room.

If an elevated skin temperature is detected, an alert is sent to administrators for additional screening or documentation before entry is allowed.

Highlights include:

  • Easy to install, with a limited amount of space required
  • Large LCD Display with
  • Unobtrusive and touchless
  • Cost less than $3,000 per station (including programming and professional installation)
  • Does not require full-time staff to monitor the station

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Two Factor Authentication Access Control

Two Factor Authentication Access Control

This solution can work in conjunction with a Body Temperature Scanning Station or on it’s own to ensure only those who meet specific criteria or have the right credentials can enter.

A variety of questions or criteria can be pre-programmed such as:

  • Are you experiencing any flu-like symptoms?
  • Have you or a member of your family tested positive for Covid?
  • Have you recently visited a specific state or country?

If the correct responses are provided, a code is generated and the person is granted access to the entry point.

In the event responses don’t meet the required criteria, entry will not be granted and system administrators will receive an alert to further investigate.

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Virus And Bacterial Resistant Door Hardware

Virus And Bacterial Resistant Door Hardware

Hardware including door knobs, door handles, pulls and plates are known high-touch point surfaces.

Frequent cleaning can reduce the risk of bacteria or viruses living on these surfaces, but new technology can assist in these efforts for a higher level of safety.

Richmond Security can install new hardware made of copper or coated with anti-microbial materials designed to minimize bacteria and viruses including Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Staph and more.

Made in the United States, these products are not only functional, they are also affordable, durable and designed to look like stainless steel to match existing hardware.

Touchless, Automatic and Hands Free Door Opening Systems

Richmond Security offers a variety of products to limit touch points on door pulls, knobs, handles and other entry points.

These solutions offer safety and convenience by:

  • Utilizing hands-free opening with either automatic door opening or foot-operated door opening
  • Preventing cross-contamination
  • Allowing for automatic door opening for maintenance carts, luggage carts, wheelchairs and more

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Social Distancing Detection Solutions

These highly-effective systems serve a variety of uses to ensure safety compliance. 

Measuring and detecting distance in a variety of settings such as people working or congregating in areas including waiting rooms, meeting rooms, manufacturing areas, classrooms or foyers to ensure social distancing criteria is met.

These systems also measure occupancy levels and can detect if face masks or facial coverings are being worn.

In the event the maximum occupancy level is reached, or if a violation is detected, the system will instantly send a notification to the administrative or security teams.

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Why Choose Richmond Security

Founded locally in 1976, Richmond Security remains a leader and innovator providing the most effective products and exceptional customer service to Central Virginia businesses.

We work with every client to develop the most effective plan for their unique circumstances. Our expertise includes:

  • Child Care Facilities And Private Schools
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Medical Offices And Hospitals
  • Churches and Places of Worship
  • Retail Stores
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Commercial and Residential Housing Communities

Get in touch to learn more about any of our safety and security solutions. We can customize a solution to suit your needs.

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Erin Decker

Your electronic security specialist, Ray Jackson, brilliantly accomplished what 3 other security and IT specialists couldn’t – he fixed our problem and made it look easy. I wasted so much time talking to our electronic door access software company and working with the other IT guys. I am still scratching my head wondering what Ray knew that the other 3 guys didn’t. Ray was wonderful to work with and we are so happy! I will definitely recommend Richmond Security, Inc.