Video Surveillance

Monitor, detect, and record potential security threats in real-time with a high-definition video surveillance system from Richmond Security.

Our security camera systems will help protect your assets, deter illegal activity, and allow remote monitoring from any internet-connected device.

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Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Our video surveillance systems can integrate with your existing infrastructure to provide a seamless and comprehensive security solution.

Monitor & Record from a Unified Platform

Monitor & Record from a Unified Platform

Our solutions offer full featured desktop, mobile, and cloud applications, providing an easy to accesses solution from anywhere.

Video Hosting & Monitoring

Video Hosting & Monitoring

Cloud Hosted Video Solutions are a popular way to take advantage of the security features of Video Surveillance without a large investment in infrastructure.

Video Surveillance Integration

Video Integration allows you to interface your video surveillance system with an access control security system, critical communications, infant monitoring system, or with other third-party systems.

This integration enables viewing live and recorded video during an alarm event. Every system and situation is unique. Richmond Security will work with you to develop the best integration solution for your security needs.

Video Management Software and Video Wall

Video Management Software (VMS), also known as a video wall, is an application that allows you to feed your existing cameras into a single platform that’s customized with different views.

Well-selected software provides ease of use and intuitiveness that overcomes challenges such as multiple user levels.

VMS provides an easy investigation of recorded video while still allowing you to view live video at all times. Richmond Security will work with you to address your specific needs and develop the best security solution.

Video Hosting and Monitoring Services

The hosting and monitoring of video and alarms reduce your out-of-pocket costs. It offers many benefits, such as:

  • Recording and validating video off-site
  • Reducing false alarms
  • Speeding up police response
  • Verifying criminal activity live

Let Richmond Security evaluate your specific security needs and work with you to develop a solution that best fits your situation.

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These guys are pros, They offer awesome security and lock services for your home or buisness (sic), they brought to my attention many systems and items I had no idea were available.

- Hutch N.

Richmond Security Custom Design & Installation

Every business and homeowner has unique needs when it comes to security. We custom-design each video surveillance system to ensure you get exactly what you need. We’ll ensure that your business, assets, or loved ones are protected through one of our video surveillance systems.

We’re in your neighborhood

We’re the Richmond video surveillance specialists. We proudly serve the following areas and all others in between.

  • Petersburg
  • Hanover
  • Midlo
  • RVA
  • Henrico
  • Chester
  • Chesterfield
  • Mechanicsville

Can I view live video feeds from my home?

Yes. We can set it up so that you can remotely monitor all of your cameras from any internet-connected computer, tablet, or cell phone.

What kind of internet do I need for video surveillance?

We recommend at least DSL. Some video surveillance systems or features may require higher bandwidth. In this case, we strongly recommend cable internet or better for both indoor and outdoor security cameras.

What is an IP Surveillance Camera?

A traditional security system uses a dedicated cable that runs from the wired security camera to a digital video recorder. An IP surveillance camera uses the internet to transmit video to the recorder. IP cameras offer superior video quality and resolution. You can also perform remote viewing thanks to their connection to the internet.


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