Video Surveillance

Detect a security threat in real time. Choosing the proper video surveillance system can be a daunting task. Richmond Security has the expertise to ensure that you have a properly deployed system.

To determine whether your business could benefit from a video surveillance system, ask if you need to:

  • Minimize Workman’s Compensation claims?
  • Remotely monitor your facility using your smart phone?
  • Use these devices to effectively investigate criminal activity?
  • Deter illegal civil or criminal intent on your property?

We offer a variety of video surveillance cameras to enhance the security of your business. Based on your specific needs, our fixed dome surveillance cameras, remote video surveillance cameras, indoor and outdoor cameras, and IP based security monitors can prove to be a highly effective deterrent for your place of business.

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Video Surveillance Integration

Video Integration provides the ability to interface your video surveillance system with an access control security system, critical communications, infant monitoring system, or with other third party systems. This integration allows live and/or recorded video to be viewed during an alarm event.

Every system and situation is unique. Richmond Security will work with you to develop the best integration solution for your security needs.

Video Management Software and Video Wall

Video Management Software (VMS), also known as a video wall, is an application that allows you to feed your existing cameras into a single platform that is customized with different views. Well-selected software provides ease of use and an intuitiveness that overcomes challenges such as multiple user levels.

VMS provides easy investigation of recorded video while still allowing live video to be viewed at all times. Richmond Security will work with you to address your specific needs and develop the best security solution.

Video Hosting and Monitoring Services

The hosting and monitoring of video and alarms reduces your out of pocket costs. It allows video to be recorded and validated off site, reduces false alarms, speeds up police response and allows you to verify criminal activity live.

Let Richmond Security evaluate your specific security needs and work with you to develop a solution that is the best fit for your situation.

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