Client Case Study, Manufacturing Plant in Richmond, VA

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Best Bully Sticks, nationally-known for their all natural and high-quality dog treats, turned to Richmond Security when they needed to solve a variety of needs including:

  • Finding an efficient way to reduce or document on-site employee accidents
  • Discouraging thefts or vandalism both inside and outside the building
  • Improving employee productivity

The Richmond Security team rose to the challenge to deliver exactly what the client needed, even during Covid and with only a 4-week turnaround time.

The Problem

Safety and efficiency are top priorities at Best Bully Sticks. Supervisors and managers rely on camera footage to ensure everything in, and around, the building is running smoothly, but realized their analog security cameras weren’t delivering. They recognized some shifts had fewer accidents, or were more efficient than others. But without the right footage it was difficult to analyze what those shifts were doing differently and how they could use that information for training purposes. In addition, the older system wasn’t doing much to deter thefts or vandalism on the property. If an incident did occur, the footage wasn’t enough to help management or authorities identify anyone involved. As a growing company, Best Bully Sticks knew it was time to overhaul their security system.

The Challenge

In order to develop the right system, Richmond Security held a series of meetings with the Best Bully Sticks team to review their needs, listen to their concerns and identify any unique challenges of their building.

We addressed topics regarding cost, image quality, longevity of the equipment and working with a system that can be expanded over time, or as needs change.

As part of the solution, we needed to work with the added challenge of high ceilings and limited camera mounting locations in the open warehouse, while also developing a plan to complete work without disrupting the manufacturing process or employee schedules.

The Solution

After speaking with several companies about their security needs, Best Bully Sticks ultimately chose Richmond Security for the value, support and knowledge we brought to the project.

We developed a solution including installing an Avigilon Camera System with over 20 cameras in strategic locations. The camera system featured facial recognition, reporting and analytics along with other advanced features averaging around $2,000 cost per camera.

Our team also worked with the client to have a new server system installed that would be able to store the newer, more detailed footage that could be reviewed at any time.

The system was also installed with features that would allow the Best Bully Sticks team to expand, or add new features, as their needs or budget changed.

The Result

With the new Avigilon cameras and system in place, the Best Bully Sticks team has seen an increase in employee safety and productivity. And with more visibility both inside, and outside, the facility should there be any future employee accidents or attempted thefts, the company now has the clear imagery needed to accurately document the incident and take action.

Richmond Security completed the project on-time and within the given budget. We continue to work with Best Bully Sticks to ensure they have the right security technology in place so they can focus on what they do best – keeping dogs happy.


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