Medeco locks offer enhanced technology with more innovation, more protection, more combinations, and more security. The keys have a shuttle pin security feature and side bittings so copying is restricted, plus pick-resistant mechanical cylinders.

Mainly used on commercial buildings, Medeco security locks are the go-to choice for protecting U.S. government and military installations, schools and universities, hospitals and banks, vending machines and parking meters, as well as homes and offices.

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Attack Resistant

Attack Resistant

A unique locking principle means these high-security locks can stand up to virtually any picking, drilling, and bumping.



Use locks to boost security in certain areas of your facility including vulnerable doors and less critical access points.

Key Controlled

Key Controlled

If you give out keys to your employees, you need a key control system so no one can make copies without your permission


Patented Key Control

Medeco Security Locks are built smarter so no one can make unauthorized copies of your keys. A special key-cutting machine needs to make angled key cuts on Medeco-specific blanks.

Can be masterkeyed into systems containing:

  • Medeco BiLevel cylinders
  • Medeco mechanical cylinders
  • Medeco Logic eCylinders


Unique Protective Cylinders

Medeco3 cylinders use a sidebar that means the key must be elevated, rotated, and aligned in the correct position before it can be rotated. The sidebar protects against bumping and picking attacks.

The cylinders are milled with a side cut that lines up with the unique slider mechanism as the key is inserted. Only the proper key can engage with the mechanism and allow the cylinder to operate.


Protection From Physical Attack

A UL 437 security rating shows Medeco locks have been tested and proven to withstand many forms of physical attack, including:

  • Impressioning
  • Forcing
  • Drilling
  • Sawing
  • Prying
  • Picking
  • Bumping

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Only place in town to get Medeco locks, best in the industry. Expensive, but worth it.

- Ken H, Richmond, VA

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