Stop shrinkage and smartly manage keys
with advanced retail security.

Retailers lose over $35 billion each year from inventory theft, with grocery and supermarkets leading the way in revenue losses. Our retail security systems provide Virginia store and franchise owners with intelligent key management programs and smart cash management systems – both with the goal of stopping theft and saving long-term costs.

Key and lock management

In an industry known for high turnover and multiple keys per property, managing key access is essential in a retail environment. With the proper security hardware in place, you can dramatically lower the costs to maintain and manage your key program all while continuing to offer frictionless entry, exit, and access to goods. Though we offer a variety of traditional and highly secure mechanical locks, we can also take your security to the next level with intelligent keys and auditing systems.

Among our retail offerings:

  • Key control system installation and replacement
  • Key and lock retrofitting
  • Commercial keyless door locks
  • Small business security systems
  • Commercial door pulls
  • Glass door installments
  • Custom doors
  • Commercial lock installation
  • Deadbolt rekeying services
  • Key duplication
  • Lock repair
  • Safe repair and safe opening
  • Automatic door repair
  • Door hinge replacement

Quit rekeying and improve security with intelligent keys.

Richmond Security is an authorized representative of Medeco XT, a lock system that looks and works like a traditional mechanical lock, but uses electronic keys that can be programmed to specified users and schedules, plugged into software that creates an audit trail showing when and where keys are used. The Medeco XT system is a fraction of the cost of a hardwired electronic access control system and eliminates the ongoing cost of rekeying mechanical locks to provide effective access control and accountability for every retail need.

  • No hard-wiring required
  • Retrofitted in place of traditional mechanical lock
  • Rechargeable in-key battery provides up to 1,500 openings
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel construction

Smart Safe cash management

Our AMSEC Smart Safe cash management systems streamline the cash management process, increasing accuracy and reducing theft and cashier errors. Business owners will gain full visibility over cash volumes, even with multiple locations. As impressive as the improved cash management is the safe itself, constructed with one-half-inch-thick steel, anti-spread deadlatch locks, and anti-pry door jambs. Our Smart Safes also feature an uncompromising level of software security, from encrypted data communication to time locks.

Storage or display of high-liability/high cost goods

Storage rooms and display units are a common business liability, and associates and customers should only have monitored access to expensive merchandise when needed. Our security products provide fast and economical control that can be moved as company needs change, reducing financial loss from theft.

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