Retailers lose over $35 billion each year from inventory theft, with grocery and supermarkets leading the way in revenue losses.

Our retail security systems provide Virginia store and franchise owners with intelligent key management programs and smart cash management systems – both with the goal of stopping theft and saving long-term costs.

Our electronic access control systems provide physical security for retail businesses, keeping staff and customers cordoned to their specified areas. Our locksmith services allow for the ability to change access rights without mechanical rekeying.

Richmond Security professionals are available to help retail businesses protect their customers and employees, as well as high-value merchandise.

Key and Lock Management

Key and Lock Management

Managing key access is essential in a retail environment due to the industry’s high turnover and having multiple keys per property.

With the proper security hardware in place, you can dramatically lower the costs to maintain and manage your key program — all while continuing to offer frictionless entry, exit, and access to goods.

We offer traditional mechanical locks, as well as intelligent keys and auditing systems.

Storage or Display of High-Cost Goods.

Storage or Display of High-Cost Goods.

Storage rooms and display units are a common business liability, so associates and customers should only have monitored access to expensive merchandise when needed.

Our security products provide fast and economical control that can be moved as company needs change.

This means you can prevent shoplifting and reduce financial loss from theft.

Smart Safe Cash Management

Smart Safe Cash Management

Streamline your cash management process, increase accuracy, and reduce theft and cashier errors.

Business owners will gain full visibility over cash volumes, even with multiple locations.

The AMSEC safe boasts thick steel, anti-spread deadlatch locks, and anti-pry door jambs, plus superior software security, from encrypted data communication to time locks.

Take Your Security to the Next Level With Intelligent Keys

Richmond Security is an authorized representative of Medeco XT, a lock system that looks and works like a traditional mechanical lock, but uses electronic keys.

  • Provides effective access control and accountability for every retail need.
  • Eliminates the cost of rekeying mechanical locks
  • No hard-wiring required so a fraction of the cost of other systems
  • Retrofitted in place of traditional mechanical lock
  • Programmed to specified users and schedules
  • Plugged into software that creates an audit trail, showing when and where keys are used
  • Rechargeable in-key battery provides up to 1,500 openings
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel construction

Access Our Top Retail Security Services

Richmond Security can help you with both physical security measures and intelligent solutions to your security threats.

  • Key control system installation and replacement
  • Key and lock retrofitting
  • Commercial keyless door locks
  • Small business security systems
  • Commercial door pulls
  • Glass door installments
  • Custom doors
  • Commercial lock installation
  • Deadbolt rekeying services
  • Key duplication
  • Lock repair
  • Safe repair and safe opening
  • Automatic door repair
  • Door hinge replacement

Enjoy Greater Peace of Mind

Retail businesses are often open and publicly accessible areas, which can be a concern.

In addition, securing server and IT rooms has never been more critical. An advanced security system requires careful coordination to meet IT requirements and standards.

Richmond Security professionals work hand in hand with IT stakeholders to meet governance and data security requirements. Our projects include careful coordination with your facility’s Information Technology pros in order to respect data and network integrity.

Our physical and IT safety and security offerings provide peace of mind to management, staff, and customers.

Is your retail business secure? Contact us today for a free Richmond Security Retail Security Assessment.

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These guys are pros. They offer awesome security and lock services for your home or business. They brought to my attention many systems and items I had no idea were available.

- Hutch N.S.

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Resources to Boost the Physical Security for Retail Business

Alarms and Monitoring

In addition to our retail industry offerings, Richmond Security provides alarms and monitoring, access control, and video surveillance systems.

Access Control Systems: Medeco Electronic Keys

Take advantage of remote programming for your electronic keys using Medeco eCylinder web-based software apps.

Biometric Solutions

If your business has authorized access only areas, biometric fingerprint readers are a great option because fingerprints are almost impossible to share.