Commercial & Residential Safes

Our tough, smart on-site storage solutions keep your critical business or personal assets secure but accessible.

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Rated protection against fire,
theft, and natural disasters.



Choose from dial, digital keypad, or fingerprint-access lock types.



On-hand, easy-to-access asset
protection right where you need it.

Commercial Safes

Prevent robberies and deter employee theft with our no-nonsense on-site secure storage. Keep more cash on hand on busy days. Reduces time-consuming safe box reconciliations and bank deposit runs.

Our leading brand commercial safes are perfect for:

  • Cash management
  • Securing high-value stock
  • Storing sensitive business records

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Residential Safes

Safeguard your future by protecting what matters most. Secure your family’s wealth, heritage, and investments while keeping important possessions and beloved valuables close to home.

Our professional-grade home safes are ideal for:

  • Cash and important documents
  • Securing high-value stockJewelry, heirlooms, and collectibles
  • Gun owners

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Safe Moving & Management Services

Proper on-site installation will support your safe’s rated level of protection. We have the specialized equipment and know-how needed to transport, position, and reposition safes efficiently and safely.

Talk to us about your safe moving needs. It could be the smartest move you make.

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These guys are pros, they offer awesome security and lock services for your home or business, they brought to my attention many systems and items I had no idea were available.

Reid H.

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Commercial & Residential Safes FAQ

Will an access control system cease to work if the power goes out?

What exactly is a “fire” safe? Does this just mean the safe is fire-proof?

There really is no such thing as a completely fireproof safe. Instead, high-quality safes are rated as fire-resistant for a specific length of time. We offer a wide variety of quality safes including home or commercial-use products fire-rated for 1-2 hours or more.

Can I rely on a fire-resistant safe to protect against burglary?

Fire resistance does not protect your possession from a determined attacker. To ensure protected items are safe from both burglary and fire, choose a fire-rated safe with at least an RSC rating and an effective locking mechanism that meets your needs.

Are all of your safes made by AMSEC?

Richmond Security is a Gold Star American Security Safe (AMSEC) Dealer. This is the only brand to which we entrust the protection of our client’s valuables, confidential documents, firearms, and other materials.


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