Access Control Systems

An access control system from Richmond Security will allow the right people in while keeping the wrong people out.

Protect customer records, sensitive data, and proprietary assets—while gaining complete and total control over who, where, and when access is authorized.

Access control does more than protect assets and provide physical security. It also provides audit trails for detailed records of who is granted access and when.

Our robust access control software platform gives you granular control of your operation and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your most important assets are secure.

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Real-time reporting and access

Real-time reporting and access

See precisely what is going on in your building or office in real-time. Discover hidden insights while being able to look holistically at the bigger picture.



Whether you need to secure one door or a hundred—access control systems from Richmond Security are easy to scale, install, and manage.

User-friendly operation and maintenance

User-friendly operation and maintenance

Simplicity is key when it comes to access control systems. Easily train anyone to manage and maintain the entire system from a single remote location.

Access Control Features

Facilities and IT managers can grant tiered access to specific individuals with access control. This way, they can easily track where they go and what they access.

In addition, security managers can instantly grant temporary access, revoke access, or lock down doors altogether. They can do all this onsite or remotely through a connected device.

Access Control Systems can be securely managed through an onsite software installation or cloud-based access control hosting to prevent unauthorized access.

Our systems can handle thousands of users and hundreds of doors seamlessly at a single location or across multiple physical sites.

Additionally, Richmond Security systems easily integrate with related systems. Combine access control with video monitoring, photo ID badging, elevator controls, and parking gate controls.

Types Of Access Control

There are two basic types of access control: Mechanical Access Control and Electronic Access Control

Mechanical Access Control (MAC) primarily deals with doors, frames, and mechanical lock hardware. Electronic Access Control (EAC) deals card readers, electronic locks and keypad entry systems.

Some common industry integrations and uses of Electronic Access Control include:

  • Industry-specific programs: Integrate your EAC with industry-specific needs
  • Visitor management systems and programs: Keep track of who comes and goes in the course of a day
  • Intergrated EAC: Monitor multiple systems throughout shared spaces and remote locations

Customized to Fit Your Security Needs

Richmond Security adjusts your Access Control to fit your organization’s particular needs and functions.

Employees and visitors alike will be able to focus on the task at hand instead of safety and security considerations.

A customized access control system will give you and your employees total peace of mind and allow you to manage your organization confidently; while protecting people, property, and assets.

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Your electronic security specialist, Ray Jackson, brilliantly accomplished what 3 other security and IT specialists couldn’t – he fixed our problem and made it look easy. I wasted so much time talking to our electronic door access software company and working with the other IT guys. I am still scratching my head wondering what Ray knew that the other 3 guys didn’t. Ray was wonderful to work with and we are so happy! I will definitely recommend Richmond Security, Inc.

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Video Surveillance Frequently Asked Questions

Will an access control system cease to work if the power goes out?

No. Many modern systems have battery backups for power outage emergencies.

How can I tell if an unauthorized person is using an access control keycard or fob?

The robust and easy-to-use software package that accompanies many access control systems will allow you to trace single or multiple cards/fobs to see if an unauthorized person is using them.

Can I pair an access control system with an alarm system?

Yes! A modern alarm system pairs exceptionally well with an access control system. The combination provides a total security solution for any business or organization.


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