2016 Security Trends

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As technology becomes more advanced, customers demand more out of their security products. The latest technology is more efficient and more secure, which saves customers money while not having to compromise the safety of their home or business. Companies in the security system industry, like Avigilon, endeavor this year to put out security products that align with security trends of 2016.

Avigilon launched its industry-leading 7K (30 MP) HD Pro camera this year, which is a breakthrough in terms of self-learning analytics. We proudly carry Avigilon’s video surveillance products at our location because they constantly strive to put out security products that meet customers’ demands of today, such as connectedness and convenience.

As an industry leader, Avigilon sees four overarching security trends that are expected to be prominent in security product releases this year. As you’re searching for the latest innovations in the security industry, consider these four 2016 security trends:

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the theory that all physical objects – vehicles, buildings, appliances, etc. – that are hooked up to the Internet will be interconnected, allowing all devices to collect and exchange information. Experts within the security industry predict that by 2020, there will be over 50 billion devices connected to each other and the Internet.

As this fully, interconnected world increasingly becomes a reality, security issues will rise. At Richmond Security, we take measures to ensure that your devices are even more secure as more of them become accessible via the Internet and overall security level lowers.

Simplified Security Structure

One of the biggest 2016 security trends is a simplified, integrated commercial security system. With advancements in video surveillance systems and access control systems, customers expect security products to be integrated more seamlessly and at a lower cost.

These are three of the best ways you can ensure a simplified system infrastructure:

  1. Security system is easy to use: Customers want to use an intuitive security system where – once properly installed – they can easily modify settings and view all information without fumbling.
  2. Information flow is integrated into all intelligent hardware: As technology has become more advanced, computing hardware has become less expensive and more the norm. With the latest smartphones, cars and even home appliances having their own computing abilities, it’s the standard to have all information from security devices stored into intelligent devices.
  3. All security system parts are easy to integrate: Integrating your systems into one simple interface that won’t break down your network can be difficult to accomplish. Richmond Security’s expertise is in installing and integrating the system once so you can use it with ease for years to come.

Bandwidth Management

Although bandwidth management is not a new one, it’s still one of the most important aspects to consider. Customers will always require the ability to control bandwidth as higher resolution video surveillance systems continue to improve. That’s why at Richmond Security we integrate all devices on the network in such a way that won’t break the network down.

Video Analytics

Video analytics continue to be a major factor in the video surveillance system purchasing process in 2016, and rightfully so. In many cases, video analytics are more reliable than human operators to automatically detect and alert events. At Richmond Security, we understand the necessity to stay up-to-date with their video surveillance systems to make sure our customers have the most reliable products possible.

Although there are a few other important security trends of 2016 to consider, these four are deemed the most pertinent to technology trends this year. At Richmond Security, we always stay up to date with the latest in technology to bring you the most reliable security system solutions.

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