2FA Authentication Security

An important aspect of your business’s security and safety protocol is to ensure people who need access to your building, or even a specific part of your facility can do so, while limiting, or not granted entry to others.  

Two-factor authentication, often deployed for access to online accounts, accomplishes this task and is now available for building access through Richmond Security. 

What Is Two-Factor Authentication? 

Two-factor authentication is an access control system that requires two levels of verification for access to be granted. These verification levels must be two different types of identity verification, greatly decreasing the likelihood that your security system will be breached by unauthorized personnel.

How Does Two-Factor Authentication Work?

When an employee with access approaches an entrance, they must first scan their identity card at a card reader. After this, they must verify their identity via a linked device, such a cell phone. Once these steps are complete, access is granted. 

To increase privacy, several layers of software security are built into the system. Card numbers are fully encrypted when transmitted to the cloud, and no sensitive information is stored off-premises. This keeps your employee access data confidential. 

There are eight levels of redundancy built into the 2FA Authentication Security system making sure that power, hardware, and software failures never impact your ability to provide access when required and deny it when necessary.

Why Does My Business Need 2FA Security? 

Increased security & safety

Controlling access to your business’ secure facilities is vital to protecting your business’ and your clients’ data and ensuring your premises are safe and secure for all who are on the property. 

Reduced likelihood of access breaches

Using one-step of authentication, such as a key card only, leaves you vulnerable to an access breach if those key cards fall into the wrong hands. 

From healthcare to manufacturing, if your employees are required to enter and exit facilities freely, your business can benefit from the peace of mind that Richmond Security’s two-factor authentication security offers.  

Interfacing with screening questions & temperature scanning stations

If you have additional screening questions required for access to your building, Richmond Security’s 2FA security system can interface with this process. 

For example, daily health screening questions can be implemented into access control prompts on your employees’ linked devices. The 2FA system can also interface with temperature scanning stations now available through Richmond Security. 

Improve Access & Security For Your Business   

Reach out to Richmond Security today to learn more about how your business could benefit from the safety and security that two-factor authentication provides. 

Let us help you to develop an access protocol that best fits your needs.

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