Electronic Access Control Systems

Control who, when and where access is authorized providing the protection of people, property and assets.

Richmond Security understands how important it is for our clients to feel safe and secure so we offer systems integration solutions that are right for your business.

To determine whether your business could benefit from an electronic security system, ask if you need to:

  • Control when each person can gain access?
  • Delegate and keep track of those permitted at certain access points?
  • Create multiple levels of access for restricted areas?
  • Use alarm management protocol to monitor and report property infringement with ease?

Networked, Wireless & Enterprise Access Control

Networked Access Control Systems are those that are controlled using PC programming. They offer convenience and flexibility not available in a stand-alone system.

The networked access control system can be accessed remotely via LAN or internet connection. Hard wired access control systems also offer multi-site control and easily integrate with video, photo ID badging, elevator controls, and parking gate controls to name a few.

It can provide access schedules and visitor management and offers a variety of other desirable features including real-time functionality of events and alarms, compatible with an existing Wi-Fi network.

An Enterprise Access Control System is a single platform solution that can secure an entire facility. It can also work for a company with multiple facilities and various locations regardless of the physical address.

Richmond Security has the expertise and experience to know if this solution is right for your business and to develop the right system to protect your people, property and assets.

Access Control Card Access

Video Analytics Monitor

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