Proximity Card & Biometric Security Readers

Proximity Card Readers

Prox Cards and Card Credentials have taken over the role of security personnel and reduced the manpower that would usually be necessary to secure a place of business. User identification has become more convenient for both the security integrator as well as the end user.

The main advantage of the system is that a specific card can be voided in the system easily and quickly, maintaining the security of the building.

A proximity card reader system consists of specially designed proximity cards and proximity readers that are wall mounted. When the card is presented to the reader, the reader signals the locking hardware to release granting access.

Most card readers have features that restrict access during specific time periods, such as holidays or other non-business hours. The proximity card system also creates an audit trail of when and by whom access was granted.

500x iCLASS Seos Smart Card
“One card” solution for physical access control.
proximity card security


Biometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control Systems have revolutionized the way organizations control entry to designated areas of a facility. When proximity and card reader systems alone aren’t enough for larger corporations or for those businesses that carry sensitive products and information, biometric technology is the best way to go. Biometric fingerprint access control offers ultimate security solutions for physical access control installations.

The biometric security system is one of the best electronic access control options considering it’s almost impossible for someone to share the same unique physiological characteristics, which makes it impossible for them to gain unauthorized access at any biometrically secure station.
The biometric technology also contains a system that logs a date and time stamp with the identity of the individual upon authorized entry into an access point so that a complete access history is stored.

BioEntry W2 Biometric Device
Next generation biometric technology and security platform.
biometric security reader



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