How Much Does a Commercial Locksmith Cost?

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Commercial locksmiths play a crucial role in helping business owners protect their assets while fostering a safer environment for customers and employees. They offer a wide range of services including rekeying door locks and implementing access control systems to reduce the risk of theft or security breaches.

Understanding the cost of these services is essential for business owners who need emergency locksmith help or want to invest in reliable security measures without breaking the bank. If you’re wondering, “How much does a locksmith cost?” read on to learn more and to know when it’s time to call one out to your location.


While it’s important to understand the cost of a commercial locksmith, it’s equally important to know when to call for one.

For example, it’s relatively easy to install a new office doorknob from the home improvement store. However, if you run into installation issues or are pressed for time, calling a locksmith can save you money. Here are a few other instances when you should call a professional locksmith out to your business:

New location—When your business moves into a new office, it’s wise to have all locks rekeyed to ensure the previous owner—and anyone with a set of keys—no longer have access.

Employee turnover—If an employee leaves your company, consider having access codes changed or locks rekeyed.

Smart lock installation—Electronic door locks (access control) provide several extra layers of office security. Some of them keep a verifiable paper trail of entries and exits. If a worker resigns or gets fired, you can easily revoke their access with a few computer keystrokes.

Master key installation—Having a master key created and installed helps simplify access management by allowing designated individuals to open multiple locks with a single key.

Broken lock—If a lock becomes challenging to operate or a key breaks off inside it, a commercial locksmith can repair or replace it.

Upgrade security—If your business has experienced a theft, break-in, or security breach, it’s time to call a locksmith to provide a security assessment and upgrade your locks.


Several factors can affect the cost of a Richmond, VA commercial locksmith, including:

Hourly rate—The average hourly labor rate for locksmith services is around $95 per hour with a one (1) hour minimum.

Travel time—There is usually trip charge (travel time) within a 25-mile radius of Richmond at around $95. .

Minimum charge—Adding the hourly rate of $95 to the travel time of $95 equals a minimum cost of $190 for all commercial locksmith services, regardless of the time and materials expended on a job.

Hardware costs—The hardware will also affect the price. For example, there are many different types of commercial door locks, each with unique benefits. Adding access control (electronic door locks) will also increase the cost of the job.

Type of problem and project scope—A broken door key will cost less to fix than rekeying an entire office building.

Outside service area—There is an additional fee outside the normal geographical range of service. When a locksmith has to travel outside their standard service area, they tend to charge for that travel to cover their costs.

Emergency service—Many commercial locksmiths offer 24/7 emergency services. However, there is often an additional charge.


The labor rate varies depending on the work performed. For example, some services have an hourly rate while others are flat fee or “piecemeal” pricing. In all cases, the service coordinator can provide a written quote or an approximate cost before booking a job.

The labor rate to rekey a lock varies from $25 for a conventional lock cylinder ($32 if it is a master-keyed cylinder) to $35 for a high-security lock cylinder ($45 if it is master-keyed). The standard “piecemeal” labor rate to install a new lockset (knob or lever lock) is $57.50.

The prices mentioned above do not include the cost of the lock hardware. Also, there may be additional charges depending on the condition of the door and/or the complexity of the installation. Also, the minimum job charge of $190 is still in effect, even if you only rekey one lock.


At Richmond Security, our labor prices are comparable to other locksmiths in the Richmond area. However, we differentiate ourselves by strongly emphasizing quality workmanship, first-class customer service, and superior products.

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