Infant Security Systems for Hospitals Looking to Protect Newborns

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According to Campus Safety Magazine, close to 300 infant abductions took place in the U.S, between 1983 and 2014. Of these abductions, 45% took place in healthcare facilities across the country. Most abductors take time to plan their abductions. They familiarize themselves with the hospital environment, the procedures, as well as the security measures in place. Some even pose as caregivers or nurses, thus getting close to the mother as much as they can.

Most mothers only spend a few days in the hospital, therefore, making it hard for them (and family members) to tell whether someone is an authorized caregiver or not. As much as hospitals have put in place measures to curb these incidences, it’s not always easy to monitor everything. And this is where Cuddles infant security systems come in. With more than 30 years in the industry, Cuddles has established itself as a market leader when it comes to infant security systems. Here are some reasons why you should install this security system in your facility.

Provides Ultimate Comfort on Sensitive Skin

Infants have sensitive, gentle skin. Therefore, comfort remains one of the most important aspects when it comes to infant security bracelets. The bracelet (which is worn around the child’s ankle) shouldn’t harm the infant in any way. Cuddle’s infant bracelets are made of ultra-soft polyester, designed to keep the infant safe while preventing issues of chafing or cutting. Apart from being gentle to the skin, this bracelet comes with advanced security features to keep infants safe. From full-term babies to preemies, this self-adjusting bracelet will ensure that all infants remain safe and secure. Even as the baby undergoes the initial weight loss, these bracelets will not fall off, thanks to their self-adjusting design. Besides that, issues of false alarms are eliminated, since it remains secure and comfortable on the infant’s leg. Regardless of the size of the baby, this infant security system will keep them safe and secure at all times.

Reliable & Tamper Proof

Safety remains a priority in any pediatric or obstetric environment. All infant protection tags or bracelets should be small, easy to clean, lightweight and most importantly, reliable at all times. Fortunately, the Cuddles infant bracelet comes with all the above features, and even more. Apart from ensuring that the baby is safe, it doesn’t hinder movement in any way, since it’s soft and adjustable. The tag in the bracelet never comes into contact with the infant’s skin. And, it emits a pulsating red light, which is visible at all times. The red light is a clear indication that the tag is active. You should also note that this bracelet features the latest skin sensing technology. If someone yanks it off from the infant or attempts to tamper with it, it will immediately trigger an alarm. When that happens, the perimeter of the facility or ward can be locked down. Any attempts to take the infant will not succeed, and the culprit will not escape.

Independent Monitoring

Some of the infant monitoring systems on the market today are controlled by a server or PC. However, that is not the case with the Cuddles infant security system. In short, it’s not reliant on any PC or server for it to operate. If your PC or network fails, the entire system will remain operational and the perimeter will remain secure. From the moment an infant is has the bracelet attached to their ankle to the moment they leave the healthcare facility, this device will ensure that they are safe. Even if a software crash occurs, Cuddles will not be affected in any way. This infant security system is the only one on the market that is not software dependent or software enhanced.

Minimal False Alarms

False alarms are a common occurrence when it comes to many infant monitoring systems. But as long as you are using the Cuddles infant monitoring system, then your facility will rarely experience such challenges. It’s equipped with RFID technology, combined with data filtering properties to identify and isolate potential noise issues. Also, it has been calibrated to operate at a lower frequency than most noise triggers such as mobile phones, floor buffers and lighting ballasts. Also, since it’s self-adjusting, it will not trigger loose-band alarms. Furthermore, it’s compliant with FCC, NFPA, CA, NEC, JCAHO as well as ETL. You can rest assured that this device is completely safe.

Easy to Use

As much as the Cuddles infant security system is one of the most advanced on the market, it’s also one of the easiest to use. Nurses and caregivers can admit or discharge patients seamlessly, thanks to this easy-to-use system. They don’t have to worry about managing a system. Instead, they are left with enough time to attend to their core role of taking care of babies and moms. In the case of the caregivers encounter any challenges, they can contact the company at any time. Cuddles provides 24/7 technical support. And if anything goes wrong with any of the devices, a local authorized dealer can visit the premises to check the issue.

Robust Integration

Apart from its ease of use, this system integrates seamlessly with existing systems including:  nurse call systems, camera systems, mobile devices carried by caregivers, as well as electronic access systems. Furthermore, it’s compatible both with Android and iOS devices, as well as other infant security systems that your healthcare facility has installed. With such a vast integration, it will relay real-time notifications to the systems it’s connected with, thus preventing infant abductions. This device places information at the caregivers’ fingertips. Nurses can see details of every particular tag, including information such as the battery level, program number, as well as warranty.

How to Choose Infant Security Solutions

Purchasing an infant security system is a financial and time commitment. These systems take technical expertise to implement. Also, there is a high chance that you will come across numerous options on the market. However, different devices are designed for different user needs. Therefore, it’s vital to choose one that suits your needs and preferences. Some of the features that you should check out for include:

  • Tags: Infant tags are vital when it comes to infant security systems. They provide the exact location of the baby while preventing abduction attempts. A reliable infant security system should come with skin-sensing tamper detection, capable of generating instant alerts whenever a tag is removed or tampered with. Also, you should check the size of the tag. Ensure you go for devices that come with a comfortable, unobtrusive and small tags, which don’t hinder the infant’s movement in any way.
  • Bassinet-Level Visibility: It’s important to know the location of every baby in the facility. By installing an infant security system that comes with bassinet-level visibility, hospitals can know the exact location of all the babies under their care.
  • Baby-Mother Matching: Also, it’s important to ensure that mothers are paired with the correct baby at all times. You may come across stories where people have been raising kids that don’t belong to them, due to mix-ups that occurred at healthcare facilities. Therefore, a reliable infant security system should have mother-baby matching capabilities, to prevent such issues.
  • Support and Analytics: As a hospital administrator, it’s important to determine whether you are getting value for your money. If you are planning to install or upgrade the infant security system in your facility, then you should choose one that generates reports. At the end of the day or week, you can see prevented abductions, infant movement, as well as alarms generated. Also, you should ensure that the vendor offers adequate technical support. Similar to other electrical devices, baby tags can encounter problems, which might render them ineffective. When such issues arise, the vendor or manufacturer should provide the necessary support, to ensure the device assumes normalcy within the shortest time possible. Whenever you are purchasing an infant security system, you should always check the level of technical support available, as well as the costs associated with annual maintenance and upgrades.

Final Thoughts

Installing an infant security system provides a proactive method of protecting babies in healthcare facilities. These systems are reliable as well as cost-effective. Besides that, they will thwart all instances of abduction attempts, since the nurses and caregivers know the exact location of all the infants at any time. Should someone attempt to steal a protected infant from a healthcare facility, these systems can trigger an alarm, activate door locks, capture video footage, hold elevators, etc. And with such an advanced levels of visibility and security, caregivers and families can have the peace of mind, knowing that all the babies in the facility are safe.

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