Pros and Cons of Biometric Security Readers

Biometric security readers rely on the user’s biological qualities to grant or deny access to a certain area. A couple of years back, biometric security readers were a reserve of airports and government agencies. Today, you can see them in …

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Learning About Access Control Systems: Control Cards

Access control systems play an important role when it comes to protecting your property and maintaining a smooth flow of day-to-day operations. These systems are designed to keep data, premises and people safe, whether it’s apartment complexes or a commercial …

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President of Richmond Security Walks to Raise Heartbeats

Richmond, VA (October 16, 2017) – On October 7th, dawning a red ball cap, Richmond Security’s owner, veteran and heart attack survivor Stephen Wilkinson, joined other survivors, supporters and volunteers at the 2017 American Heart Walk. Participants weren’t just walking they …

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Richmond Security Runs to Fight Hunger

Richmond, VA (April 25, 2017) – For more than 40 years local security company, Richmond Security, has worked to ensure that area homes and commercial buildings alike are set up with the right tools to ensure their clients are secure. …

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How to Choose a Deadbolt Lock

When it comes to protecting your business from intruders, having a secure deadbolt lock in place is vital. Deadbolt locks are heavy-duty locks that provide the necessary additional security, aside from the doorknob. The proper deadbolt can be the difference between peace of mind and imminent danger for your business. It’s really not an option anymore whether you have a deadbolt lock as a part of your physical security policy—it’s a standard.

So, knowing you have to have a deadbolt lock on every exterior door of your business—how do you choose the best one?

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The Importance of Key Control

When considering the physical security of a business, the mechanical keys themselves play a major role. The rise of cybercrime has pushed many to focus their attention on improving Information Security and high tech security measures. Yet, it remains essential for every business to have a well-devised key control policy in place. Fail-safe key control policies and procedures protect employee lives, business valuables and the overall security of the facility.

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