Key Fob Access Control & Entry System

Key Fob Access Control

Key fob access control systems are simple to use, straightforward to maintain and improve building safety and security. Access rights are easily updated to reflect personnel changes and an audit trail helps protect assets and manage costs.

As specialists in access control systems, Richmond Security can help you implement a key fob access control and entry system that will protect your buildings, your assets, and the people using them.

Keyless Entry Solutions

Keys are a liability. They get mislaid or passed on to other people, leaving you with no option but to change the locks. Keyless systems are more secure because you can enable and disable individual access as needed.

The two main types of keyless access systems are the card and the key fob. Cards are credit card-sized pieces of plastic often worn on lanyards around employees’ necks or belt loops. While effective, they’re easily broken and can be inconvenient.

In contrast, a key fob access device is the size of your car key, maybe smaller, and attaches to your keyring. To gain access to a secure area hold the fob up near the reader and the door will unlock—if you have permission to enter!

Why Control Access With a Key Fob Entry System?

For the users, it’s very convenient. For the facility manager, it ensures only those who should be in a building or even a specific room have access. You can make sure only IT people can access the server room, only the janitor can use the supplies closet, and so on. If you have hazardous areas or parts of the building off-limits to all but a few, you can configure each key fob appropriately.

A key fob access control system does more than unlock doors though. It provides a record of who visited a particular room or location and when they were there. Curious who’s coming in on weekends? Check the entry logs to find out.

With a key fob system, visitors and contractors can be given temporary access to specific areas for defined periods. If they forget to hand back the fob when they leave it’s not a problem—just disable their access!

Applications for Key Fob Access Control & Entry Systems

Any doorway where you want to restrict who can come and go is a potential application. That includes loading bay doors and garage doors as well employee entrances and internal doors. Users can include:

  • Multi-occupant office complexes
  • Professional services suites
  • Apartment buildings
  • Industrial premises
  • Research & Development Centers
  • Communal parking structures

Key Fob Access Control & Entry Systems FAQs

Q. How much does a key fob system cost?

A It depends on the size and complexity of the installation but for budgeting, assume $1,500-$2,500 per door to be secured. Richmond Security will be happy to provide a quote.

Q. What is a key fob reader?

A. This is the device that mounts on the wall next to the door. It contains a small radio transponder that “talks” to the key fob and checks whether the door should be unlocked.

Q. What is the best type of access control system?

A. The one that provides you with the safety and security you need, at a price within your budget. Card-based systems are effective in some applications, although the underlying technology has been around a long time.

Q. How secure are key fob systems?

A. The weakest link of any system is the user. However, with keyless systems, should a user lose their card or fob that device can be quickly disabled.

For increased security consider implementing a two-factor authentication scheme. In addition to the key fob, each user is assigned a unique PIN. At the key fob reader, there’s a PIN pad where the user enters their number, having first scanned the fob.

Learn More About Key Fob Systems

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