Richmond Security Installation Manger Role

Richmond Security Installation Manager
Reports To: EAC Manager

Job Summary

The chief responsibility of the Installation Coordinator is to ensure the customers of Richmond Security are provided professional, efficient and courteous service in a timely manner. The Installation Coordinator will also be expected to oversee the daily reporting and tasks of the EAS Installation department and that they are completed correctly and on time. The Installation Coordinator will make sure that all these tasks are achieved to the customer’s satisfaction, while at the same time, ensuring Richmond Security’s Installation Department remains profitable.

Job Hours

The Installation Coordinator position should be at their desk and ready to start work at 7:30 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m., or until daily tasks are complete. The Installation Coordinator will be a salaried position, dependent on education and experience, with a possible incentive program attached.

Duties and Responsibilities

Oversee the daily operation of the Installation Department to ensure the installation department is running efficiently. You will be responsible for but not limited to all duties from answering the phones, scheduling and dispatching installation calls, managing EAS technicians’ daily activities, and closing out the job.

TigerPaw is an integral part of the Richmond Security sales, service, and installation process. The Installation Coordinator will be responsible for using TigerPaw to its fullest potential as it relates to the coordination of installations and projects here at Richmond Security.

Prior to the sale: Assist the Sales Team with technical and design questions as needed

Process all new job paperwork daily

    • Double Check Data Entry
    • Inspect Equipment list for Compatibility
    • Schedule Job – Inform Customer, Sales Representative, and any Subcontractor if applicable
    • Forward Job to Inventory Coordinator
    • Record and Track all Installations in TigerPaw
    • Process any and all County permits and coordinate initial and final inspections and sign-off

Communicate / coordinate with Sales Department on new installation

    • Schedule new work with Sales Department
    • Review the Sales Packet to ensure the equipment is correct, and that the system was designed correctly to the best of your ability
    • Assist the Sales Team with technical research and product compatibility questions
    • Inform the Sales Representative of any discrepancies in the design of the system, so he/she can make all necessary changes with proper paperwork, prior to scheduling the job
    • Confirm scheduled work for next day with customer prior to 4 pm everyday
    • Communicate to Sales Department any changes in job – from the date of installation to equipment on the job
    • Communicate to the sales, inventory, customer and any subcontractor, if applicable, of any change in the schedule of the installation
    • Verify and pull all the equipment prior to confirming with the customer at 4:00 pm, that all equipment is in, ready and packed for the installer the morning of the installation

Notify customers of any change in schedule immediately

    • Always Notify the Customer and never change the schedule without it being convenient and agreed upon by the customer
    • Once the call has been agreed upon – make the proper changes in TigerPaw, with the sales representative, inventory coordinator, and any subcontractors as needed

Complete install billing daily

    • Consolidate All Technician’s Paperwork
    • Mark all jobs COMPLETE OR INCOMPLETE
    • Provide all necessary billing paperwork to the billing department with appropriate notes for each completed job on a daily basis
    • Document all labor, parts and exceptions on paperwork to include: job time, wire labels sheet, change orders if applicable, job completion form, and false alarm check list
    • Enter completed job cost information in TigerPaw
    • Ensure all Change Orders, if any, are complete prior to sending to billing department
    • Send completed paperwork to billing department

Assist Installation Technicians

    • Provide onsite and remote support to the technicians as needed
    • Provide video and access programming support to the technicians as needed
    • Provide afterhours support to EAS Technicians if and when needed

Assist, consolidate and ensure that the installation paperwork is completed in a timely manner

    • Assist with input and verify all technician times are completed and accurate in TigerPaw
    • Double Check Job Cost Data and Estimates in TigerPaw
    • Collect all paperwork from Technicians and save appropriate documents in EAC Jobs Folder
    • Ensure the job is closed in a timely manner – no more than 2 days after the installation is complete

Vehicle maintenance

      • Ensure that all EAS Service and EAS Installation Vehicles are maintained in proper, safe working condition
      • Coordinate any repairs or maintenance with auto shop
      • Coordinate the transportation of the technicians
      • Coordinate with EAS Manager for approval of major repairs
      • Coordinate the return of the vehicle once it is in working order
      • Ensure that all state and county required stickers and registrations kept current on the vehicle
      • Ensure there is a current insurance card in every vehicle
      • Ensure all “Smart Tags,” are properly placed on vehicle
      • Ensure that all technicians have the proper tools and equipment needed to safely and efficiently complete installations

EAS Technician hiring, training and certification

  • Assist the EAS Manager with searching, vetting, interviewing, and hiring EAS Technicians
  • Ensure that all EAS Service and EAS Installation Technicians have all the training and certifications needed to work efficiently, including assisting with DCJS and eDHP compliance
  • Work with EAS Manager to coordinate in-house and instructor lead trainings as needed
  • Develop and maintain a technician development pathway to help bring all technicians up to the highest level of understanding and proficiency for our industry

EAS Technician disciplinary and review responsibilities

  • The Installation Coordinator will be responsible for initializing appropriate disciplinary actions when necessary
  • Document any and all conversations, communications, and meetings related to disciplinary actions
  • Work with EAS Manager to ensure that appropriate steps are taken when addressing disciplinary issues with EAS technicians
  • Participate in the annual review process for all EAS technicians
  • Provide the EAS Manager with all information needed to facilitate the review process

General Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintain friendly, cooperative relations with customers, company personnel and management.
  • Perform other tasks or assignments as delegated by the EAS Manager
  • Demonstrate the ability to tactfully handle difficult situations.
  • Continue professional development through training courses as necessary.
  • Organize personal schedule to maximize productivity and time management.
  • Follow all Company personnel policies and procedures.

Job Impact

The Installation Coordinator plays a critical role in the profitability of the install department. The productivity of the installation technicians in the field impacts the success of the department’s profitability and margins. The Installation Coordinator is responsible for technician productivity.

Direct Reports

EAS Installation Technicians

Job Authority

The Installation Coordinator has complete authority to dispatch the EAS Installation Technicians in order to ensure Richmond Security Customers are serviced in accordance with his/her job description and the beliefs of Richmond Security.


Education: High school diploma

Experience Required:

  • 5+ years of experience in a service business; security related business preferred.
  • Computer skills, including work with various scheduling programs, Microsoft Word and Excel.


The Installation Coordinator is measured according to the following criteria:

  • Projects meet or exceed the profit goals of the estimate.
  • Change orders are appropriately identified and communicated and negotiated.
  • Production rates meet or exceed those rates included in the estimates.
  • Projects meet or exceed customer expectations as to quality of performance and adherence to installation schedule.
  • Job paperwork is completed, and jobs are billed and closed in a timely manner
  • Billing goals are reached on a weekly/monthly basis
  • Quality of customer experience as noted in customer survey’s

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