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Every business, small or large, is in need of reliable, short-term storage for their cash. Money safes often referred to as depository safes, provide the ultimate security for businesses of all types, such as stores and restaurants, that make frequent cash deposits. These compact safes come in various sizes to fit perfectly in any office environment and under any desk for convenient access. Choose from a one-or two-shelf depository safe to make quick, safe deposits anywhere in your store. These money safes can be located in secure, yet easily accessible locations, for convenience throughout the day.

The AMSEC drop safes that we carry at our location in Richmond are designed for easy deposits to keep cash secure from theft in your business. Standard features include top-loading rotary hoppers and front-loading deposit doors.

Richmond Security is proud to sell the best security safes in Central Virginia for both residential and commercial purposes. The AMSEC money safes that we carry, have U.L. approved locks on thick, steel plate doors to provide the highest level of protection against burglars. The quality of our depository boxes ensure there will be no valuables lost at your business.

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