Healthcare Cyber Security System Integration

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Although cyber security may seem like the utmost priority for most businesses, the level of security measures differs among industries. Cyber security is one of the most emphasized efforts in the financial industry due to the obvious direct monetary risk. Until the last few years however, the risk has not been as top of a priority in the healthcare industry.

In recent years, hospitals and healthcare institutions have faced the consequences of cyber security system breaches. According to a study completed by the Brookings Institution, 23% of all data breaches occur in the healthcare industry and that percentage is increasing every year. In the past two years alone, the total number of healthcare data breach victims has tripled, with over 155 million Americans impacted by these breaches in the past six years.

The loss of personal health data is just as vital to protect as any other personal data. Not only can it put your customer at risk, it’s extremely expensive. The healthcare industry has the highest per-record cost for data breaches, with each record loss costing $363. In addition to facing high costs to resolve data breaches, these healthcare industries and hospitals risk losing long-term customer trust.

Healthy Security System Integration in Richmond

Our experts at Richmond Security understand the value of a fully integrated security system for physical and cyber security. That’s why; we have focused on complementing hospitals’ cyber security systems around Central Virginia through our fields of expertise, which include video surveillance and access control systems. We sell and install quality security products with advanced technology to identify potential threats and to alert someone immediately to the danger.

Over the years, our experts have had much experience securing hospitals and other healthcare facilities to help prevent data breaches. Our technicians have been recognized by area healthcare facility managers for their expertise and efficiency working in hospital settings and for effectively training the security personnel on the integrated security system.

Companies in the healthcare industry have room to integrate more security measures to improve their levels of cyber security. As these groups place more of an emphasis on cyber security and physical security, professional security specialists will play a more important role. Richmond Security stays up-to-date, improving our stock of technology-advanced security products and training to become the expert in the healthcare security field.

Do you work in the healthcare industry and have concerns about your level of security? Contact us today for a free security consultation from one of our healthcare security experts!

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