Physical Security Management

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Physical security is vital for every business to consider. Whether it’s defending against literal, physical break-ins or securing your database for cyber attacks, you can never be too careful. It is unbelievably easy these days to steal data from a poorly secured database.

A physical security breach can ruin organized databases, inhibit your regular business activities, and can cause a loss in your customers’ trust. These can all be detrimental to your company and brand image overall but there are many physical security countermeasures that you can take to avoid immense losses.


A physical security countermeasure is an action you take ahead of time to defend against physical attacks. These countermeasures can be implemented in multiple areas of your business.

Entry Control Points

This is most likely already the most secure aspect of your security management system. It is certainly necessary to defend against unwanted intruders at your business’s entrance points.

  • Security Training: You should always train your employees on how to identify and handle possible threats at your business. They should also be trained on how to stay safe in the case of an unwanted entrance.
  • Security Access Control: There should be access control systems in place to keep your location safe when no employees are around to monitor for break-ins. Commercial security systems are necessary to keep an eye on your business while you’re away. 

Server Room Protection

Your server room is vital to your business, especially if you rely heavily on databases and your network. This area in your business should be heavily guarded with multiple layers of physical security countermeasures.

  • Door Access Control System: The entrance to the server room should be just as secured as the front and back entrances to your physical location. Integrated commercial security systems offer high security across your entire business through access control systems.
  • Biometric Access Control: It’s smart to use fingerprint verification for parts of your business that need to be highly secured, like your server room. Biometric authentication makes sure that only those who were given direct access to this room can ever enter it. Although biometric access control can be a costly security solution, it is one of the most guaranteed physical security countermeasures.

Laptop Security

The laptops and desktops around your office hold valuable information that should not be compromised. Even after securing your physical entrances and server room access methods, it is still necessary to add a layer of security to your laptops.

  • Laptop Lock: A laptop lock cable physically secures your laptop to the desk it’s on. Only people with the key to the laptop lock can ever take the laptop away from the desk.
  • User Awareness: Your employees should always keep every physical security countermeasure in mind. With your employees always alert, it is less likely that they will accidently allow a stranger to roam around and breach your office’s physical security.

There are many other steps you can take to protect your business against physical security attacks but these are a great place to start. Whether or not you implement all of these, you should at least take some countermeasures to ensure protection against loss of data and customers.

Want to learn more about how to create an integrated commercial security system? Contact us today to find out how our experts can help you set up physical security countermeasures around your office!

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